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Urs Arc
Part of Arc Two

Location Lebus
Side Lebus; Bydgauche
Result Tigre is promoted as Liza's personal adviser
Eugene is chosen as Viktor successor
Ilda had to surrender to Leitmeritz-Lebus Coalition Forces, thus his attack upon Eugene is quelled.
Elen dispatched Lim, Mashas and Titta to search and confirm Tigre's status.
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Vol 8 (Second Part), LN Vol 9 (First Part)
Light Novel Chronology
Torbalan Invasion Arc ←Urs Arc→ Baba Yaga Arc

Urs Arc is the third story arc of Arc Two from Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This arc features Elizaveta Fomina-the Vanadis of Lebus Vanadis who found and recruited an amnesiac Tigrevurmud Vorn as one of her key figure at Lebus. While Tigre used his alias Urs to adjust his new lifestyle, Zhcted is facing its civil crisis when Eugene Shevarin and Ilda Kurtis are engaged in a battle due to a fatal misunderstanding over a poisoned vodka, which was actually conspired by Valentina Glinka Estes. Through an intervention from Tigre (Urs), both Vanadises (Liza and Elen) had to put their differences aside and (reluctantly) work together to prevent Ilda from attacking Eugene.


Liza's First Encounter with UrsEdit

Days have passed since the naval battle at Olsina Seas, a Lebus ships dock onto Port Lippner's harbor where Liza pays a town a visit despite the people's scorn towards her. Regardless, Liza remain calms as she reaches to Dmitry's mansion in order to seek Sasha, only to be shocked as she learns the former's death [Notes 1][1]from Dmitry himself. Nonetheless, Liza remain calm as she informs the mayor that she will send her condolences to Sasha by herself. To ease herself from her depression, Liza tells Naum to prepare a horse for a stroll across the port town. During her horse ride, Liza feels remorse and sympathy over the late legend's death while wondering a life without her.

Whilst strolling at a nearby shore, Liza witnesses an amnesiac Tigre's arrow shot to the flying seagulls in astonishing feats of height and precision.[Notes 2][2] That display prompts Liza asks Naum if anyone in Lebus can perform that feat, to which Naum denies as he claims that not even their best archers manage to shot that far. At the same time, she also witness remnant pirates terrorizing a nearby village but quickly flee after seeing the Thunder Vanadis, immediately opts her to chase after the enemies. During the chase, Liza commands the villagers to row their boat while invites an amnesiac Tigre into her battle against the remnant pirates. When the archer's arrows are depleting, Liza uses her powers to defeat the pirates by subduing their ringleader Moritz, effectively shaken the enemy. After the pirates' defeat, Liza asks the villagers to row back to the beach.

On the boat, amnesiac Tigre introduces himself as Urs to Liza. Afterwards, Liza asks the villagers' opinion [Notes 3]about her eyes, to which everyone nervously praise them as pretty as jewels. To everyone including Liza's surprise however, Urs (Tigre) claims her eyes look like a cat[Notes 4][3] but his answer steepen Liza's curiosity about him even further as she asks him to tell her everything about himself. The villagers, on Urs's (Tigre's) behalf, explain that he is just a stranger from the village and the only thing he knew was his name. One of them even reveals that he was found by his fellow villagers at the same shore more than a week ago and picked him up to the nearby village, where he was provided with some food, clothing and shelter.[Notes 5][4]. Just as the boat reaches to the beach, Liza decides to take Urs (Tigre) with her which the latter relents and accepts. Before his departure from the village, Urs (Tigre) is congratulated by the Village Elder for being handpicked by Liza, [Notes 6][5] while meets a little girl who bidding him farewell. [Notes 7] After leaving the village and Port Lippner, Urs (Tigre) follows Liza and Naum to Lebus.

Lim and Eugene ShevarinEdit

On an evening in Leitmeritz, whilst guarding the Imperial Palace during Elen's absence Lim is surprised to learn a visitation from a nobleman named Eugene Shevarin, Earl of Pardu[Notes 8] and also Elen's and Lim's former mentor. This opts Lim immediately rushes to greet the Earl and tell Titta to prepare his arrival.

Urs's Unpleasant Welcome By LebusEdit

After returning to Lebus, Liza continues her work in dealing with the remnant pirates that will be sold to sold Muozinel after their surrender from a previous battle in Olsina Sea. Whilst recalling their past battle, Liza also wondering if Sasha told anyone about their bizarre encounter with the demon, though the latter changes her mind after thinking about Elen. Suddenly, her servant enters into her office and informing her of the arrival of Duke Ilda of Bydgauche, prompting the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis to summon her servants to prepare the Duke's arrival while she changes her dress. Upon his arrival and greeted by Liza, Ilda congratulates her for the successful pirate subjugation but Liza replies that her victory has costed her comrade's life due to her "incompetence".[Notes 9]

As Ilda departs from Lebus, Lazarl then asks Liza regards Urs (Tigre) to which Liza assumes if he resents the newcomer, something the former denies by shaking his head. Nevertheless, Lazarl strongly against Liza's request in picking Urs (Tigre) as her servant because of his strong skepticism against the stranger [Notes 10] while urges her to follow good examples from the previous Vanadis [Notes 4], much to Liza's dismay. As Liza's stubbornness and temper gotten the best of him, Lazarl suggests to place Urs (Tigre) as the Imperial Palace's ranch stableman [Notes 4]for three years in order to test his worth, while advises Liza that, because those who serves her were once underwent a stricter test for her approval, if she chooses an unknown person as her subordinate she will face unwanted consequences from her people. After hearing his advise, Liza reluctantly accepts Lazarl's suggestion.

In Lebus Imperial Palace outskirts[Notes 11], Urs (Tigre), who arrives at the Imperial Ranch under Liza's suggestions, meets up with the Ranch Stablemen Head and follows him into the hut which is messier and filled with awful stench of animal waste. After receiving the Stablemen Head's briefing of an rules and instruction [Notes 12], Urs (Tigre) had to accustom his new yet harsh life while enduring the awful stench.

Life Without TigreEdit

Sadness in LeitmeritzEdit

At Leitmeritz, Sofy visits Elen after her return from Lipper of Legnica and hand over the gift Tigre bought from Asvarre. Although Elen is glad to see Sofy after her involvement in Asvarre Civil War and the incident in Asvarre Seas, neither girls dispel their sorrow over Sasha's passing and Tigre's disappearance. So Elen writes her mourning letter as her condolences to Legnica. Sofy also informs Elen about an impending threat of 10,000 strong Muozinel Army from the Southern Boarders, which Elen takes note. After wishing her friend good luck, Sofy leaves Leitmeritz and return to Polesia. Afterwards, Rurick comes to collect the distributed reward to his peers despite Elen tells him that he is allowed to reject these gifts. Aram becomes less focus onto gambling games and his routine duty. Rurick on the other hand work more diligent than anyone, though he injures his finger during his training and eventually cries in his room at night.

Kureys's Second Invasion Attempt Edit

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Regin's Response to Tigre's Disappearance Edit


Regin is worry about Tigre.

At Brune's capital Nice, Regin is shocked to learn Tigre's disappearance from a messenger, as well his secret mission to Asvarre by Zhcted without Brune's acknowledgement. Even with her mixed reaction of anger and fear, Regin instead smiles [Notes 13]and tells the messenger to deliver her gratitude to Zhcted for using Tigre and offers him a hospitality, to which he reluctantly complies before being dragged away by the palace guards. As the meeting ends in a quarter-koku, Regin looks at the sky while refrains herself from crying [Notes 14], Badouin congratulates Regin for her performance during the Audience. The two then discuss their next move where the Prime Minister suggests to send their messengers for Zhcted and Asvarre for more information about Tigre's disappearance, while containing the opposition's movements[Notes 15]at the same time; additionally, he would going to inform Mashas and obtain his cooperation for the search as well. Regin then informs Badouin that she believes that Tigre is alive somewhere while prays for his safety, opts Badouin to wonder if Tigre is blessed with miracles.

Ludmila's Black TeaEdit


Mila's reaction over Tigre's disappearance.

In Olmutz Imperial Palace, Mila and a Leitmeritz messenger are discussing Muozinel Army's retreat from Zhcted's southern boarders. When Mila tells the messenger to send her regards to Elen, the messenger immediately informs the Ice Vanadis regarding Tigre's[Notes 16] disappearance in Asvarre Seas, much to Mila's horror[Notes 17]. To add her surprise, Mila also receives a rare Black Tea Pack (a gift from Tigre) by the Leitmeritz messenger before the latter leaves her room. Regardless[Notes 18][6], Mila believes that Tigre is still alive somewhere whilst thinking about the incident and wondering Elen's melancholy over her greater lost, as well her next move. [Notes 19]

Former Marquis's Ominous ReturnEdit

Meanwhile at Brune's southern port of Plage, local merchants are expressing their dissatisfaction towards Regin's rule as they not only consider her as a "puppet ruler" to Zhcted, but also condemning Zhcted's annexation of Agnes as Brune's humiliation. Suddenly, they are approached by a hooded man-who later reveals to be Greast- who suggesting in staging a rebellion against Regin and even staling the Durandal from her so she will be powerless to do anything. Despite their skepticism, all merchants agrees to Greast's plan and leaves. Greast then remarks how everything according to plan [Notes 20]and high anticipating Brune's inner chaos.

Viktor's Illness: An Unusual Feud Between Ilda and EugeneEdit

Enthronement Of a New Heir Edit

After summoning Eugene and Ilda into his bedroom where he recuperates from his illness, Viktor declares that out of eight candidates [Notes 21][7]for succession line, only Eugene is chosen as his successor. Eugene however requests old king to pass [Notes 22] the position to Ilda instead, though Viktor's decision remain firm because of Eugene's crucial position[Notes 23] for both Zhcted and Brune, and he will have Ilda to help Eugene in the future. Ilda complies the old king orders despite his suspicions towards his uncle's decision. [Notes 24] Nonetheless, Viktor tells both men that he will keep the announcement as confidential until the next Sun Festival.

Ilda's JealousyEdit

As both aristocrats leave Viktor's room, Ilda "congratulates"[Notes 25][8] Eugene for the enthronement but Eugene remains calm and gives his gratitude to Ilda. Whilst walking away from the Imperial Palace, Ilda still bothered by Viktor's selection over Eugene as his heir despite his little role in Zhcted's affairs and politics, further increasing his frustration. Coincidentally Ilda also meets Valentina who is walking at the palace corridors instead and sees his pale face, which Ilda simply replies over Viktor's recovering health.

Valentina Scheme For Ridding Eugene and IldaEdit

Fatal MisunderstandingEdit

Lebus's Three Test for UrsEdit

Back in Lebus, Urs (Tigre) spends more than two weeks as Imperial Ranch's stableman but manage to accustom his surrounding and his job. Despite his diligence however, Urs (Tigre) receives numerous harassment from his fellow stablemen who mistreat him with unfriendly tone; even worse, his room is also tarnished in a horrible mess every time he returns from work, and his roommate Mark explains that most workers are unlikely to accept a newcomer such as Urs (Tigre) because of their animosity against him for being handpicked by Liza. Regardless, Urs (Tigre) would think of a plan to deal with his harassers.

Several days later, Urs (Tigre) and Mark are ordered by their supervisor to buy the supplies at Lebus's marketplace. While Mark leaves, Urs (Tigre) decides to stay behind while patiently waiting for his harassers to arrive to his hut. As minutes passes by, Urs (Tigre) witnesses three stablemen enter into his room and rubs a horse dung onto his bed as their latest harassment. To his harassers's surprise however, they confront Urs (Tigre) and learn that he has been pretending leaving the room and has been hiding for a longtime. The brawl quickly ensues where all three try to attack Urs (Tigre) but he parries them all and easily subjugates one of them barehanded effortlessly. After the brawl, Urs (Tigre) tells the three confused stablemen that he will hand them over to the supervisor before leaving the scene.

The next morning, Naum reports Urs's (Tigre's) brawling with his co-workers to Liza who wishes to see Tigre's progress. However, even with its aftermath, Naum claims that it was for the best for Urs so he can learn endurance from harassment[Notes 26], something Liza doesn't take it kindly. Throughout their long discussion, the two decide to give Urs (Tigre) three tests[Notes 27] to see what else he could do better in his future post.

Three days later, Naum reports Urs' (Tigre's) test results to Liza. To their surprise, Urs (Tigre) has passed two out of three tests, peculiarly his archery skills that easily outclassed other Lebus's archers. Although Naum brings up that Tigre of Brune shares a similar skill as Urs, Liza brushed it off since he was rumored to be "dead" in Asvarre Seas. Liza then insists on placing Urs (Tigre) as her close aide, but Naum refuses because of Urs's (Tigre's) unknown origins.[Notes 28]The Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis isn't pleasant to hear this however, as she become annoyed to learn that identity is used as an excuse to reconsider. When Naum asks her to give another reason to persuade the civil officials, Liza replies that Urs (Tigre) may help Lebus to improve its relationships with Brune due to his proficient fluency and literacy in Brune's and Zhcted's languages. Several days later, Naum reports that the civil officials agree to Liza's proposal only if Urs (Tigre) is going to make one more achievement with a bow. Accepting with some complaint, Liza decides to a least give Urs (Tigre) a bow and arrows.

Bitter Reunion and Uneasy AllianceEdit

The next day, Elen is shocked to hear news about Ilda's attack onto Eugene due to a rumor about the Duke's near assassination via his assistant's death by a poisoned vodka [Notes 29] Assuming Ilda attacks is caused by a misunderstanding while refusing to believe her former mentor's "crime", Elen immediately assembles Rurick and her 1,000 soldiers[Notes 30] to leave Leitmeritz and stop Ilda's Army[Notes 26] from reaching Pardu. Meanwhile at Lebus, Liza also receiving the same news but becoming suspicious towards the two noblemen's recent feud.[Notes 29] When she learns that Elen will be participating the war council, Liza accepts the task by bringing Urs (Tigre) and 1,000 soldiers with her. However despite Liza's statement over Urs's (Tigre's) skills, it doesn't ceases Naum's worries as he informs her that not only he thinks Ilda is not easily be convinced, he also adds that the war council might bring unsettling troubles to both Liza and Urs (Tigre) especially when it involves Elen. Nevertheless, Liza's decision stands and Lebus Army depart for the War Council.


Elena and Liza fights for Tigre.

At Zhcted's snowy outskirt, both armies arrive at the site where two Vanadises are having their unpleasant reunion. During their confrontation, Liza introduces Urs (Tiger) to Elen whom she initially recognizes as Tigre and tries to call him out, though Liza separates the two as she assuming Elen is trying to "confuse" Urs (Tigre). Initially finding Liza's claims to be suspicious, Elen interrogates her anything about "Urs" but Liza digresses[Notes 28] her question and warns Elen to stay away from him. Both Vanadises argue about Tigre until Elen reveals that "Urs", as far she recalled, was Tigre's late father's name, instantly stuns Liza. Rurick intervenes and try to convince Tigre (Urs) to remember everyone[Notes 31] he knew, only to see Liza snaps as she yell and glares at the bald-headed knight. After calling Rurick to fall back[Notes 32], Elen nsheathes Arifar and demands Liza to return Tigre (Urs) to her, which Liza denies as she vows to protect her possession[Notes 32][9]. With neither sides willing to compromise, both girls prepares their Viralt for their duel until Urs (Tigre) intervenes as he not only apologizes to Elen for not remembering her, he also urges her (Elen) to stop "bullying" Liza. In spite her heartbroken reaction after hearing Urs's (Tigre's) advice, Elen put her Viralt down and apologizes to Liza for mistaken him as someone else, to which Liza forgives and informs her that the war council will be held within a koku.

In Leitmeritz Army's camp, Rurick and Elen are arguing over Urs's real identity as Tigre and even though Elen reveals that she had a hunch that Urs was indeed a surviving Tigre[Notes 33], which prompts Rurick to suggest some plans to retake Tigre from Liza. Elen however dismissed them because she worries about two possible consequences: an effect to Legnica [Notes 34]that without a Vanadis or risk betraying Brune's trust to Zhcted. After calming herself down, Elen declares that the war council will be their priority while (temporarily) put Tigre's case aside, and all Rurick could do is to follow her orders despite his worries about her true feelings.

At Lebus Army's camp, Liza and Naum urges Urs (Tigre) to participate the upcoming war council and before Urs (Tigre) would leaves her tent, Liza tells him to keep their encounter with Elen a secret. Outside, Urs (Tigre) and Naum are taking a stroll where Urs (Tigre) explains everything that happened during the meeting between Leitmeritz Army and Lebus Army, much to Naum's astonishment. Naum then explains to Urs (Tigre) about a bitter rivalry between Liza and Elen before the current events, especially the aftermath of the burned village and Rodion's murder that shattered their friendship[Notes 35]. After they talking about Liza, Urs (Tigre) then asks Naum if he knows anything about Tigre which Naum denies, though he claims that Leitmeritz may have more answers than him. When Urs (Tigre) requests Naum to replace him for the War Council, the general denies[Notes 36] because of his importance to Liza.

Half Koku later, Elen, Liza, Urs (Tigre) and Rurick attend the war council under their respective armies and they all discuss a plan to prevent Bydgauche Army from reaching Pardu. In spite of Elen's explanation about Eugene's weakness in warfare, Liza suggests Elen to permits Pardu soldiers to fight if they want to prove their lord's innocence, which Elen begrudgingly agrees but requests to have 30 Pardu cavalry soldiers in her ranks. Tensions almost arise when Elen mocks Ilda after hearing Liza's story behind Eugene's "attempted assassination", but it quickly pacified by Urs (Tigre) and Rurick who urges the Vanadises to focus on the current situation.

Liza proceeds by describing Ilda as an honorable warrior who is famed for his honesty and charisma that is beloved by his men, especially his achievements of the bandits subjugation that garners Elen's and Urs's (Tigre's) impression. Throughout their discussion[Notes 37], Urs (Tigre) speaks out by pointing the map's curves lines that indicates Bydgauche Army might heading south. As the Vanadises remain skeptical despite their intrigue[Notes 38], Urs replies that the Bydgauche Army might using their lead for their trip and a campfire smoke may reveal their exact location. Impressed by an unexpected idea, Elen and Rurick are surprised to learn that Urs (Tigre) got that idea when working as a Stable Bot in Lebus. Nevertheless, the meeting is dismissed and everyone begin their preparation with their respective plans[Notes 39].

Vanadis-Bydgauche War: Uneasy Alliance between Leitmeritz and LebusEdit

Ilda Krutis's ParanoiaEdit

Elsewhere, 3,000 Bydgauche troops (50 were horsemen) are taking their break from their march for Pardu by camping at one of the foothills. Whilst anticipating the battle against Eugene[Notes 40], Ilda also learns from a messenger that Zhcted Army is on his way for him.[Notes 41][Notes 42] In a meeting with his three trusted subordinate, Ilda initially suggests to delay their march by taking a break at the nearby foothills until daybreak, where they would be marching for Pardu via the nearest highway[Notes 43]. However, all three subordinates urges Ilda to hasten the march since they nearly reaching to their destination but becoming silent as Ilda tells them that their next enemy would be famous War Maidens. To Ilda's fearful surprise however, he learns from his reconnaissance units that Liza and Lebus Army are on their way for him. At dawn, Ilda could only laments over the frustrations by making a poor joke about sightseeing whilst being cheered by his subordinates to ease his worries. [Notes 44].Nevertheless, Ilda tells his attendant to dispatch a messenger for Lebus Army while preparing his soldiers just for precautions.

Ilda's Encounter with Urs (Tigre)Edit

A Battle Between Ilda and VanadisEdit

Urs's Arrow Towards Ilda's HorseEdit

During Ilda's escape from the Vanadises with his ten horsemen, they are facing a volley of arrows from the Coalition Army's archers but Bydgauche Army barely survives this ambush. Of all arrows that rain down to Ilda and his soldiers, a precise arrow-shot from 300 Alsin pierces through one of the horseman's horse that causes disarray among the horsemen where three riders fall down simultaneously. Even with the surprising ambush, the remaining six riders urges Ilda to escape first while they try to fend off the enemies in order to buy his time. Ilda's escape however is short-lived when an arrow is shot to his horse buttocks and causes him to fall down, causing him to be surrounded by Leitmeritz-Lebus Coalition Army and confronts (Tigre) who persuade him to stop resisting. Seeing this defeat is imminent, the Duke admits his defeat and surrender to Leitmeritz-Lebus Coalition Army.

The Monster of The BowEdit

In the aftermath, Liza watches Bydgauche Army's surrender while receives Naum's report regard Urs's (Tigre's) strategy in using only thirty horsemen to block Ilda's escape. Despite the victory however, Liza is unsure if she either praise or scold Urs (Tigre) for this strategy but Naum tells her to put the blame onto himself but praise Urs (Tigre) instead. As Liza further asks if this battle's victory was resulted by luck or coincidence, Naum denies as he claims Urs's (Tigre's) tactics is beyond his credibility and because this, he dubs Urs (Tigre) as the "monster" in archery.

Elen's Reintroduction to Ilda Edit

The battle ends at dawn where Bydgauche Army suffers casualties of 400 dead and 800 injured soldiers, while Lebus-Leitmeritz Army suffers merely a few injured. During the armies' burial for the fallen, Elen confronts Ilda and reintroduces herself while Liza warily watching her. Rather than lamenting his defeat, Ilda apologizes to Elen for his "discourtesy" and praises her performance in battle. While questioning the Duke's action for attacking Eugene, Elen explains to Ilda that Eugene is not a malevolent person he assumed to be because he was her benefactor. After hearing Elen's explanation, Ilda simply nods his head and telling Elen that he will keep her words in mind.

Going Separated WaysEdit

After the battle, Elen invite Liza to see Eugene but Liza refuses out of her suspicion against the Earl of Pardu before departs with Lebus Army and Bydgauche Army. Whilst preparing 30 soldiers for Pardu, Elen commands Rurick to take the remaining soldiers for Leitmeritz, to which Rurick complies despite his worries for Elen regarding Tigre's (Urs's) performances in the battle.

Two days later, Elen and her 30 cavalry horsemen arrive to Litomyš and visits Eugene and his family. There, Elen and Eugene are discussing the previous conflict which the latter concerns as he fears that the war would be harder to suppress should Ilda succeeded even with the Vanadises' help. While grieving the fallen soldiers, Eugene also tells Elen to keep his ascension as Zhcted's next king a secret from anyone including his family. Elen is surprised to hear this and congratulate her former mentor for his enthronement, much to Eugene's embarrassment. Elen then asks Eugene reason behind Ilda's hostility against him but Eugene claims that he didn't know but instead worrying her own well-being which Elen denies. As his advice to Elen, Eugene urges her not to thinking too much over something personal which Elen takes it in heart. The next day, Elen and her troops bid their farewell to Eugene and his family before departing Pardu for Leitmeritz.

Elsewhere, Liza informs Ilda that he will be punished for moving his troops without Viktor's permission even though she finds his belief to be righteous, which Ilda accepts for the sake of his men and thanking her as his escort to Silesia. Before their departure, Ilda tells Liza to send his compliment to Urs (Tigre) and his acknowledgement to his credibility in battle. Liza, whose reaction still sour even with the Duke's complement, informs that she will deliver his praise to Urs (Tigre) herself since she has no reason to stay in Silesia. Later, she calls Urs (Tigre) to her side and delivers Ilda's compliments to him and pats his head as her own reward, which opts her to blush red as Urs (Tigre) thanking her. Afterwards, Liza tells Naum to keep interaction as a secret before returning to Lebus.

Void Vanadis's Plans for Eternal AnarchyEdit

At Silesia Imperial Palace, Valentina is summoned by Viktor regarding the feud between Eugene and Ilda that greatly concerns Viktor. Despite her involvement in her scheme [Notes 45][10], Valentina lies as she not only falsely accuses Eugene's "attempted assassination" upon Ilda, she also requests to be a mediator between the two aristocrats. Viktor however initially denies Valentina's request because he deems her inadequate due to her close relationship with Ilda and her own "weak" constitution. Still, Valentina successfully convinces Viktor by revealing that she was one who recommended Eugene to present a vodka (without admitting her crime for framing Eugene) and feels "regrettable" for unable to stop their feud. Despite his skepticism, Viktor reluctantly elects Valentina as a mediator for the two aristocrats.


Valentina in the Palace Corridors.

Whilst walking down the imperial palace's corridor, Valentina remarks Viktor's suspicions and tries to avoid as much confusion as possible and keeping her scheme undetected. Hoping her mediating position will somehow solving her troubles before the Maslenitsa (Sun Festival), Valentina begins to imagine her ideal Zhcted that split in different factions, just like Brune or Asvarre. At the same time, Valentina also worries the remaining five Vanadises who she views as her threat in her quest to be Zhcted Queen[Notes 46][11], all for Osterode's sake. She further informs Ezendeis that should her ambitions gone rampant it had to find a new owner, but her Viralt refuses to leave. Valentina further remarks the departure of her guest Ganelon and Greast, who left Osterode earlier for Brune in order to wreck more havoc. Nevertheless, as long their chaos would not reaches Osterode, Valentina wouldn't mind if Brune falls to chaos again while smirks as if her victory is in her grasps.

Elen's Dedication in Retrieving TigreEdit


Elen and Lim talks about going to Lebus.

One week has passed since her battle against Ilda, Elen returns to Leitmeritz from Pardu with her 30 cavalrymen. After Lim welcomes her return while learning Eugene's safety while thanking her soldiers for their participation, Elen reveals that she has found Tigre (Urs) who is now in Lebus Army with Liza, with Rurick's surprise as her proof, but Lim finds Elen's story as skeptical[Notes 47]. Nonetheless, Elen still believe "Urs" is Tigre so she request Lim [Notes 48] go to Lebus to see Tigre herself but the latter begin to hesitate because of her own doubts.

However, a messenger interrupting the girls by reporting Mashas's (now Brune's chancellor) arrival at Leitmeritz Imperial Palace, prompt them to great their visitor first. The three sit in a visiting room where Mashas asking about Tigre's whereabouts by claiming that Regin and other Brune citizens are worry about him, to which the girls bow down and apologize over the Brune Hero's disappearance. Mashas however remain calm and asks Elen for her guide to see King Viktor. Elen however explains to Mashas about her discovery of Tigre's reappearance and request him to go for Lebus with Lim as a reassurance. To the girls surprise, Mashas agrees to come with Lim if he bring Titta along since she (Titta) knows Tigre better than anyone[Notes 49]. As the girls become hesitant, Mashas suggests to explain to Titta beforehand and reminds them that he will be going to Silesia to see King Viktor if the person they find in Lebus isn't Tigre. Titta joins in and become shocked after hearing about Tigre's would-be whereabouts from Elen. Despite the Wind Vanadis's reminder about what they find may not meet their expectations, Titta immediately agrees to go with Lim and Mashas to Lebus without any hesitation, opts Elen to leave the preparations to the three.


Lim and Titta before going to Lebusl.

At night, Titta and Lim make their preparations for their trip where Titta hugs the rabbit-pelt gloves, which is made by Tigre for her every year, much to Lim's envy towards her but also increasingly worry about Titta. However, Titta tells Lim that she will be fine in spite the risk of this journey. The next morning, the three have finish their preparations where Lim explains their plan: they will be visiting Lebus as a "family" and their goal is to observe Tigre (Urs). As the three leaves Leitmeritz after bidding their farewell to everyone including Elen, Lunie and Rurick, Elen also hope the trio's safe journey after seeing Arifar's support for the the three.

Rise of Urs: From Stable Boy to Imperial AdviserEdit

Discussion about Urs's(Tigre's) RewardEdit

In her office, Liza confronts her subordinates regards of war spoils distributions. Despite Urs's (Tigre's) contribution in preventing Ilda's escape, her subordinates are dissatisfied over Urs's (Tigre) lucrative reward of 1,000 Silver Coins. [Notes 50]. Lazarl is specifically opposes this decision as he warns that rewarding a stranger like Urs (Tigre) could result dissent in Lebus despite Liza's statement about Ilda's acknowledgement towards him[Notes 51]. Just as everyone support Lazarl, Naum voices his disagreement by stating that Liza's reputation would be tainted if Urs (Tigre) is not given a proper reward. In response, Lazarl suggests to reward Urs (Tigre) 100 Silver Coins-which Naum finds it too little- out of his fear of Lebus' citizen's disapproval towards Urs (Tigre)[Notes 52], only to be silenced (along with his peers) by Naum who sarcastically mocks them as "jealous cowards" for not recognizing Urs (Tigre). Regardless, Liza decides to reward Urs (Tigre) 100 Silver Coins and promotes him as knights apprentice under Naum, further telling Lazarl that not even 2,000 Silver Coins are enough for Urs (Tigre) and the situation could be different had Ilda escaped. Still dismayed by Liza's decision, Lazarl reluctantly relents as the war-spoils distribution continues.

Meanwhile, Urs (Tigre) is having a nap until evening while recalling Elen and Rurick who called his real name, though he is later awaken by Naum to collect his reward (100 Silver Coins and Knight Apprentice Rank) from the elder knight himself.

Urs's (Tigre's) Last Test: Mediation In Nearby VillageEdit

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Urs (Tigre) the Vanadis AdviserEdit


Liza smiles.

Delighted to hear Urs's (Tigre's) successful mission, Liza decides to reward Urs (Tigre) 1,000 Silver coins and a room besides her bedroom, though both Lazarl[Notes 53][12] and Naum [Notes 54][13] quickly urge her to reconsider as Naum suggests her to allow Urs (Tigre) stay in his new room for only three days. Liza accepts her general's suggestion and personally elects Urs (Tigre) as her personal adviser[Notes 55], much to Lazarl and Naum's shock but reluctantly relents to their lord's decision. Without hesitation, Urs (Tigre) accepts Liza's reward and bow down to her as his gratitude, effectively become the Vanadis's entrusted adviser in Lebus.

A Day with the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis Edit

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  • Until Baba Yaga Arc, Tigre's name only to be known as Urs after losing his memories while narrowly survived Torbalan's naval ambush in Asvarre Seas. Unlike his life in Leitmeritz, Tigre received harsher discrimination from Lebus residents even after his involvement in the Vanadis's War Council and prevent Ilda from reaching Pardu (though Naum and some soldiers are among of few who began to recognize his skills). From his reunion with Elen and Rurick onward, Tigre begins his quest to recover his lost memories while serving under Liza.
  • Liza's past is shown and revealed since Muozinel Invasion Arc and Torbalan Invasion Arc, including her rocky relationship with Elen. Unbeknownst to her is her background was secretly investigated by Naum and Lazarl, making them as the only few who know the truth (except her encounter with Baba Yaga). To date, Tigre is the first and only non-Zhcted citizen to learn this truth via Naum's information.
  • Liza's Rainbow Eyes plays a focal point in this arc where it served as a superstitious subject across Zhcted, specifically Lebus. While many people either give her a false compliment or scorns her for bringing "bad luck", Tigre (Urs) is the first and only person who speaks his honest comment about her eyes by calling them like a cat. His comment not only garnered Liza's respect, but also made her smile for the first time.
  • Even under a supposedly one year truce since their battle in Boroszlo Plains, Tigre's (Urs's) appearance alone reignites Elen's and Liza's violent rivalry in just eight months. Thanks to Tigre's (Urs's) intervention however, both Vanadises had to forge an uneasy alliance for Tigre's (Urs's) sake. Ironically, that very short-lived alliance foretells their reconciliation as Tigre views both girls as important people in his life.
    • Elen's and Liza's romantic affections towards Tigre become apparent in different circumstances: Liza becomes extremely attaches towards Urs (Tigre) and even dubs him as "her" Urs disregarding Elen's information or her ministers protests (such as Lazarl); Elen on the other hand suffers a dilemma between her priorities between Zhcted and Tigre despite she awareness that Urs was Tigre, so she dispatches Lim, Titta and Mashas to find and confirm Tigre on her behalf.
  • The arc also made several comparison between Elen and Liza, from their charisma and personalities to their numbers of allies. However, the bigger significant difference between both Vanadises is their treatment upon Tigre (Urs),
    • Elen fist met Tigre prior his defeat in Dinant Plains[14], while Liza found Tigre (Urs) at Port Lippner's beaches.
    • Elen took Tigre as her prisoner-of-war to Leitmeritz while Liza hand-picked Urs(Tigre) herself and bring him to Lebus.
    • Elen only charmed towards Tigre via his archery skills while Liza astonished to his both archery skills and charisma.
    • Elen would train Tigre other weaponry skills despite his weakness in utilizing any weapon besides his Bow while Liza gave Urs (Tigre) a job as stable boy[Notes 56] [15]in Lebus Imperial Palace's stable (she originally suggested to have Tigre as Lebus archer before she listens to Naum's protest).
    • Elen tested his archery skill immediately after his capture, while Liza tested Urs (Tigre) after she learns his brawl with his fellow stablemen.
    • Elen knighted Tigre as the Earl despite his refusal to work under her; Liza on the other hand promoted Urs (Tigre) as her adviser which he ironically ended up accepting it.
  • Valentina's minor past and ambitions are revealed in this arc. From Tigre's mission for Asvarre to Ilda's revenge against Eugene, Valentina has been exercised her scheme to replace Victor as Zhcted's queen while indulging other kingdom's chaos. With these plans are in motion, Valentina would be the first Vanadis who (secretly) revolt against Zhcted's King.
  • King Victor became sick and had to bestow anyone from his bloodline as his successor, with Eugene was chosen instead his more influential nephew Ilda. When a feud between Eugene and Ilda spread to the king's ears, he initially suspected Tina's involvement due to her more friendlier relationship with Ilda than Eugene. Sadly, not even he realize that her ulterior ambition will foreshadowing Zhcted's possible danger in the following arc.
  • Two Zhcted's aristocrats, Eugene Shevarin and Ilda Kurtis are introduced in this arc and play a critical role in life of Elen and Liza: Eugene is Elen and Lim's former mentor who is famed for his benevolence while Ilda is Liza's longtime ally and Viktor's nephew. Despite their regal relationships due to Eugene's marriage to Ilda's sister, both nobles didn't get along towards each other because of Ilda's one-sided rivalry against Eugene. Their "misunderstanding" for a poisoned vodka worsen their relationship as Ilda decides to attack Eugene, only to be halted by Urs (Tigre) and the Vanadises (Elen for Eugene while Ilda for Liza).
    • Through Eugene's visit to Leitmeritz, he learns about Tigre via Lim's account despite not meeting the Earl of Alsace physically. He later encounters Tigre during the Sun Festival in Zhcted and even giving him advice to reconsider Viktor's words.
    • Ilda also meets Tigre (as Urs) during Liza's visit Bydgauche Army before battling against Lebus-Leitmeritz Army. Through his performance in halting his escape, Ilda acknowledges Urs's (Tigre's) credibility in warfare while giving his praises to him via Liza. He later reunite (though not realizes Tigre's amnesiac moniker) with Tigre during the Sun Festival in Silesia one year later[16].
  • Partial of Viktor's family members is revealed in this arc. All eight members were possible candidates for the throne succession but due to some circumstances, only Eugene and Ilda are left to be legitimate candidates before Eugene eventually chosen as his official successor in the next year's Sun Festival. Among the list of line successions are,
    • Ruslan, Viktor's eldest son who was supposedly chosen as the first line of succession for the throne. Due to his "death"[Notes 57] by a heart attack even before his ascension, Ruslan's rights as the crown candidate was invalid.
      • Ruslan's background also briefly introduced in this arc. Due to his popularity for his caliber in politics, Ruslan was supposed to be the king's heir until his apparent "death" by unknown circumstances. His death however was controversial as Tina originally assuming that he was a victim to Zhcted's unknown conspiracy. For unknown reason however, she dismissed the case and concluded his death was "natural". That case however later brought up by Valentina as she questioned Greast who she assumes know the truth former prince, who is actually hidden somewhere within Silesia's Imperial Palace [Notes 58][Notes 59][17].
        • Since the case was brought up, it later foreshadowed Ganelon's Master Plan in wreaking chaos as Brune and even Zhcted without anyone really knows the former Duke's true goals. As the same time, it also foreshadows Tina's plot in preventing Ganelon from taking credits for making chaos on Zhcted.
    • Ruslan’s son and Viktor's grandson was supposed to be chosen as the second line of succession. Due to his young age and an incident that involved Ruslan, he rarely appeared in public ever since. He is also the youngest member in Viktor's family tree. Later arc reveals his name is Valery and play a critical role in Zhcted's later stories.
    • Viktor's eldest daughter's husband and son-in-law was chosen as the third line of succession. Unfortunately, he had to forfeit his rights for succession because of his disability of blindness.
    • Viktor's youngest daughter was the forth line of succession. Like Viktor's grandson however, she was too young to ascend the throne.
    • Ilda's father-who is also Eugene's father-in-law and Viktor's younger brother, was chosen as the fifth line for succession. However, even in his healthy state and only suffering a waist injury, he was unfit for the throne due to his crippled position.
    • Viktor's sister was supposedly chosen as the sixth line but because of the deaths of her two former husbands[Notes 60][18] she chose to live at Osterode and married its local aristocrat.
      • The situation is similar like Guinevere where she will also staying out from the line of succession to prevent further tragedy until Tallard's discovery of her whereabouts.
    • Ilda is acted as the seventh line due to his regal bloodline as Viktor's nephew. Despite his renowned caliber in both politics and military, Ilda is not chosen as the heir.
    • Eugene is acted as the eighth line due to his marriage with Viktor's niece, who is also Ilda's sister. Staggeringly, even as a candidate Eugene is least interest in sitting on a throne, though the later officially enthroned as Viktor's successor prior the Sun Festival.
  • For the first time since it's 300 years of foundation, Zhcted suffers its (temporarily) turmoil when Ilda engages a war against Eugene. However, nobody including Viktor are the wiser to realize Valentina's manipulation for her ambition to be Zhcted's queen.
  • This arc also introduces Lebus, Liza's territory from Northern Zhcted. Unlike Leitmeritz though, Lebus residents were extremely hostile towards Tigre (Urs) when Liza tasked him important jobs which he did very well, prompting them to assume their Vanadis favors a stranger more than her own subjects. Even after his amazing accomplishment, many Lebus figures remained hostile towards Tigre and gave Tigre difficult tests (such as mediator test) to prove his worth, only to be stunned to learn Tigre passed the test and became Liza's adviser. By far, Liza, Naum and Lazarl (reluctantly) were the few Lebus's figures to accept Tigre in Lebus.
  • For better or worse, life without Tigre drastically changes the continent and affects nearly everyone who are close to him,
    • Even under Regin's reign of benevolence, not all Brune citizens readily to adapt Brune's new founded peace, especially merchants who complained Brune's less competitive state and even ridicule Regin as Zhcted's "puppet" ruler. These merchant later become Regin's worst opposition in Arc Three.
    • Ganelon and Greast made their return from Osterode since Brune's civil war. Their return foretells Brune's inevitable chaos when Greast (whose identity covered) conspiring with Brune merchants in stealing Durandal from Regin, which they succeeded [19].
    • Kureys's plan for his second invasion is cancelled temporarily after learning Tigre's "death" in Asvarre Seas but isn't easily convinced until his true status and whereabouts are confirmed. So he dispatches Damad to find Tigre while he (temporarily) withdraw his troops, vowing to return with 150,000 men for another possible invasion. Kureys's decision would later foretells his eventual showdown against Tigre in the Battle of Severack in Arc Three[20].
    • Mila's response over Tigre's disappearance and her worries over Elen's melancholy solidifying her drastic change since Two Vanadis Arc, Muozinel Invasion Arc and Regin Arc.
    • Thanks to Torbalan's naval ambush, Drekavac is unable to detect neither Tigre nor the Black Bow. However despite Torbalan's demise by Sasha's hand, not a single demon shed their emotions towards him.[21]In fact, Drekavac's hunt for Tigre continues as he dispatches Baba Yaga to find the missing archer but ended up with failure as well. However, he still managed to gain information that Tigre was with Liza along with his Black bow.
    • As the story progresses, Tigre has already make relationship with nearly every Vanadises (including late Sasha) except Valentina (until the Sun Festival).
    • Mashas will depart to Zhcted to queston King Viktor's motive of sending his pupil (Tigre) to Asvarre without noticing him. As a fatherly figure and TIgre's mentor, Mashas volunteered himself to depart to Zhcted in order to seek Tigre's whereabout believing he is not dead yet as Regin state which later Titta and Lim are joining as well.
      • Regin's instinct of Tigre further makes her more believe in him that she possess some hidden potential inside her which will be foreshadowed in future arcs.


  1. Sasha's death was yet to be announced despite she passed away since yesterday. So Dmitry sent his men for the castle to deliver these official messages.
  2. Tigre still managed to shoot the seagulls in amazing height even without his Black Bow.
  3. According to Naum, the reason behind Liza's odd question was because of the superstitions of the Rainbow Eyes, which could be served as both blessing or curse depending of her background.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 The "cat" Urs (Tigre) mentioned was actually referring to Badouin, Brune's Prime Minister.
  5. Because of Tigre's amnesia, it garnered the village elder's sympathy and allowed him to stay in the village.
  6. According to the Village Chief, Liza is actually a nice person in spite her merciless attitude towards enemies and her haughty demeanor. He also further told him that if he worked diligently, Liza might even help his quest for his return to Brune someday. Tigre's further service upon the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis would allowed him to explore her nature and even befriends with the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis.
  7. Because of the Black Bow's intimidating and eerie appearance, the girl immediately threw it away to the ocean. Despite feeling guilty for throwing away the item without Tigre's permission, she was too scared to tell the truth. This caused Tigre to suffer an amnesia as the result.
  8. Contrasted to Brune's noblemen, whose tittle mostly attached to his/her respected Houses, most noblemen's tittle in Zhcted are vattached to the territory’s name.
  9. Even losing her men and caused Sasha immobilize during the battle against Torbalan, Liza had to act remorseless because of her strong sympathy towards Ilda who received a greater lost during his pirates subjugation, where the casualty were more serious than that from herself and Lebus Army.
  10. Based on Lazarl's view, picking up a stranger like a stray animal and people would still belittle him no matter how good he was, especially his "secret" origin.
  11. The location of the Imperial Ranch is very near where the ranches and stables are used to train the horses, which also provide some wooden lodging for the stablemen who worked there. Unfortunately, it is also the dirtiest workplace and for Tigre, who received mistreatment because of his amnesia while favored by Liza that driven animosity and jealously from Lebus citizens, he had to endure the unsavory environment and his mistreatment by his fellow peers for the time being.
  12. According to that briefing, the chores were including remove the animal waste, feeding the horses some food and water while grooming the horses. In addition, he is only allowed to touch the horses under the Stableman Head's permission.
  13. Behind Regin's innocent smile and bright voice however lied some attributes that made her as an intimidated figure, something shivers the messenger's spine before he was eventually being dragged away by the palace guards.
  14. Deep down, Regin actually worried about Tigre's condition as her tears rolling from her eyes despite she tries to endure her sadness.
  15. Despite the civil war's aftermath, there were still some people (especially former Thenardier's or Ganelon's supporters) still despised Regin due to her reputation was overshadowed by her late father Faron.
  16. Mila was originally felt both excited and anxious after listening Tigre's name but returns to normal.
  17. As much as she try to deny, Mila's fear and worries were shown when her hands that hold the teacup shaken drastically, hinting her feeling towards Tigre
  18. Additionally, she also mumbling over Tigre's "foolishness" ever since she witness his bold and reckless attempt to fend off 40,000 strong Muozinel Army in Ormea Hills.
  19. According to Mila herself, because Tigre was requested by Zhcted to deals it affair without Brune's permission, Zhcted's cover up would not last long as Brune would not stay silent and demands its explanation;furthermore, she also worries that not even Elen would bare this responsibility alone.
  20. It was later revealed that Ganelon has already found out those who were dissatisfied toward Regin's reign, especially for the remnant House Thenardier's supporters. So he "arranged" that meeting and dispatch Greast-who ironically an enemy to the former Thenardier Army- to staging a rebellion against Regin.
  21. All eight candidates were Viktor's family members but because of some circumstances, only Eugene and Ilda were the legit candidates for the succession.
  22. According to Eugene's account, he did not possessed any regal bloodline and the only reason he had such prestige was through his marriage with Viktor's niece, who also appeared to be Ilda's sister.
  23. Eugene was Brune's ambassador on Zhcted's behalf and even in his 20's he was not daunted even Brune's head monarch and maintain neutral despite the ever changing party. Due to Eugene's tenacious and steady diplomatic negotiations, Zhcted was able to negotiate its truce with Brune. Additionally, based on Ilda's account, this accomplishment even made Eugene as Viktor's favorite minister.
  24. Even with a seemly disjointed relationship between both aristocrats, Ilda neither underestimated nor overestimated over Eugene's capabilities despite he don't have illustrious background and ambitious accomplishments than that of Ilda himself. Still, that did not meant the relationship between both noblemen were in good terms due to one-sided jealousy from Ilda, even if Eugene himself did not wished to fight against his brother-in-law, nor did he desired to be the next King of Zhcted.
  25. In reality, Ilda was still discontent over Viktor's selection over Eugene just because of his brother-in-law's humble background and little accomplishments. One of his remark claimed that the only reason Eugene was chose was because Viktor favors him as a key ambassador of Brune of Zhcted's behalf.
  26. 26.0 26.1 The reason Naum made such statement was due to a fact of Urs's "unknown" status, something Liza didn't take kindly. In order to calm Liza, Naum suggesting the three test for Urs to test his worth.
  27. The three test were equestrian skills, weapon efficiency and literary proficiency.
  28. 28.0 28.1 Because of her dark past of Rodion's abandonment and her village's bullying upon her, she didn't takes background origins too kindly. Unbeknownst to anyone in Lebus (residents or generals alike), Urs was actually the amnesiac Tigre who has been with them all along. Liza actually learned his identity from Elen's account but still claims Tigre as "her" Urs.
  29. 29.0 29.1 Unbeknownst to Eugene, Ilda and even the Vanadis (Elen and Liza), in reality Valentina was orchestrating a conspiracy to rid both Eugene and Ilda for the throne.
  30. Her troops for Bydgauche were consisted 800 cavalry and 200 infantry and additionally, Lim was told to keep an eye of the castle.
  31. Among those people Rurick urged Tigre to remember were Silver Meteor Army generals, including Titta and late Bertrand.
  32. 32.0 32.1 Because of their mission was to stop Ilda's Army from reaching Pardu, Elen had to put her reunion with Tigre aside.
  33. The very reason why she hold her back was because she has lack of "evidence" about her claim, of which Rurick suspected that the Wind Vanadis was actually hiding her dilemma between her duty and Tigre from her peers, including himself.
  34. According to Elen, Liza was so headstrong and stubborn that she will going to fight in order to take her possession back, even if that would going to involve the now Vanadis-less Legnica, something Elen tried to prevent.
  35. Naum knew Liza's dark past through his hidden research about her, including her battle in Boroszlo Plains. For this reason, Urs (Tigre) couldn't helped but to sympathize the Rainbow-Eyed Vanadis.
  36. The sole reason why Naum denied Tigre's request was because not even he able to pacify the already strained conflict between Liza and Elen, despite his longer service under Liza. In addition, since Tigre did stopped both Vanadis from fighting once that keeping this temporary peace, he was proven to be more necessary for Liza.
  37. Elen initially suggested to meet Ilda and Bydgauche Army within the narrow valleys, which Liza found it too dangerous because their though Liza found it too dangerous because their reconnaissance units have provided little information about Bydgauche Army's real whereabouts.
  38. The girls pointed out their skepticism with two respective reasons: Elen claimed that not even their respective reconnaissance units manage to navigate the terrain, while Liza found the route skeptical as she believed that Bydgauche Army might going to use the highway for Pardu.
  39. Elen would muster any available soldiers in Pardu to join the battle while Liza leads Lebus Army to visit Ilda and try to dissuade him from fighting against Eugene.
  40. The mixture feelings over the lost of his adjutant, his rage towards Eugene and his distrust towards even Viktor has overexcited Ilda for the retaliation. It took Urs's (Tigre's) arrow shot to his horse and Elen's persuasion to end his path of vengeance against Eugene, although Urs's (Tigre's) words did initially (allegedly) prompts the Duke to change his mind.
  41. Even if he did not initially met Elen until their fateful battle, Ilda seemly recognized her due to the Wind Vanadis's involvement in Brune's Civil War.
  42. Unbeknownst to Ilda himself, Liza was (reluctantly) joined forces with Elen to stop Ilda for Urs's sake.
  43. The main reason for this plan was because Ilda did not wanted to engaged any enemies during their march, especially the Vanadises. Moreover, Pardu's complex environments especially the mountain ranges prompted even Ilda to be wary about possible ambush despite Eugene never actually fought in warfare.
  44. Even using less than a half koku might delay Lebus Army's march, Ilda worried that Bydgauche Army might find itself in danger should Lebus Army were arriving from the north.
  45. It turned out that Valentina has bribed Ilda's attendant for an access into the mansion while trading the poisoned vodka in order to create a distrust between Ilda and Eugene. That very attendant whom Valentina bribed has already left Bydgauche after collected her gold.
  46. Of all the Vanadis she remarks, Olga is the only Vanadis whom Valentina claimed as mysterious despite her involvement in Asvarre Civil War with Tigre.
  47. To Lim, she's reason to refuse to believe Tigre's survival was because of an incident in Asvarre Seas where his whereabouts remain a question; moreover, the only way to confirm Tigre's survival is through his Black Bow, which Elen sadly denies as she didn't see him carrying his family heirloom.
  48. According to Elen, there were few people who recognized Urs as Tigre including Rurick. Due to his impulse that angered Liza in their encounter however, Elen had to replace Rurick with Lim.
  49. It is revealed that Titta has been praying for Tigre's safety since his disappearance in Asvarre Seas, and even if she remained dutiful to her work, she was actually sorrow for the lost.
  50. The war with Ilda was actually another test that were orchestrated by Lebus ministers in order to test Urs's (Tigre's) worth, which he succeeded. That however did not ease Lebus's peers skepticism as some tends to believe that their Vanadis has favoring an outsider instead of her own people, which resulting some residents resentment toward their ruler.
  51. One of Lazarl reasons to exclude Ilda's praise was because of his defeat by an enemy without a identity. While Ilda may be tolerant because of his long friendship with Liza, his men however have a different response towards their lost.
  52. Another reason why Lazarl strongly opposed Liza's decision was because of Lebus citizens' scorn against Tigre despite his adaptability in coping his new surrounding in a short amount of time.
  53. The sole reason for Lazarl reluctance in agreeing Liza's decision was because he didn't foresee Urs's (Tigre's) credibility in mediation (which has been taught under Mashas, Lim and others guidance) within ten days, though the later assumes that he has been ticked by Liza's plot. Even under an impression however, Lazarl remain skeptical upon Urs (Tigre's) reward until the archer's stories about Baba Yaga, which finally gaining his trust.
  54. For Naum, even if he understood well upon Liza's true feeling, he also well-aware that the reward was too grandiose for a man such as Urs (Tigre) .
  55. Thge Vanadis's adviser is by far the most privileged occupation which yields no particular power. The main drawback for this position however was that the main authority was a Vanadis, meaning that he/she would only giving advise solely to the War-Maiden, depending on certain situations.
  56. It was a reluctant decision by Liza when she was advised by Naum, who claimed that as long she favors Urs (Tigre), her people will still despise Urs (Tigre) out of jealousy.
  57. In is revealed that in the the latter arc, Ruslan became mad after learning his disease and went so far to burn down the Imperial Palace, only to confined at the Royal Shrine as his asylum. The reason why Viktor kept his crown was because he once hoped for his son's recovery which unfortunately never happened as Ruslan's fate remained unclear.
  58. Greast's "knowledge" about Valentina was actually his tool to orchestrate chaos within both Brune and Zhcted. By manipulating Tina after giving his "sources" since he noticed her ambition in becoming the Queen of Zhcted, he claimed that the Void Vanadis was making his job "easier".
  59. However even Greast used Valentina to pave his path for the plan, his plan never bear to fruition because of his obsession towards Elen that eventually led himself to downfall and demise due to extreme miscalculations.
  60. Viktor originally urged his sister to marry another man due to his sympathy to her past tragedies. The woman however declined the king's offer and married to Osterode's lord instead.


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