Tigrevurmud Vorn
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Kana ティグルヴルムド=ヴォルン
Romaji Tiguruvurumudo Vorun
Nickname King of the Magic Bullet (Madan no Ou) (魔弾の王)
(After Alsace Rescue)
Star Shooter (Silvrash) (流星落者 (シーヴラーシュ))
(Honored by Kureys after repelling Muozinel's Invasion)
Knight of the Moonlight (Lumiere) (月光の騎士 (ルイェレ))
(Honored by King Faron of Brune after end of Brune's Civil War)
The Bow (by Demons)
Casual Name Tigre
Urs (Amnesic State)
Personal Profile
Age 16 (Arc One)[1]
17 (Arc Two)[2]
18 (Arc Three)[3]
Gender Male Male.png
Birth Place Alsace, Brune
Status Alive
Occupation Feudal Lord of Alsace
Stable Boy, Lebus (Brief; Former, as Urs)
Adviser to Vanadis of Lebus (Former, as Urs)
Self-Declared Mediator Between Vanadis Elizaveta & Eleonora
Supreme Commander (Silver Meteor Army, Moonlight Knights Army & Brune Army)
Head Monarch (Brune and Zhcted)
Position & Rank Earl of Alsace
Silver Meteor Army Supreme Commander
Adviser to Vanadis of Lebus (Former, as Urs)
Moonlight Knights Supreme Commander
Brune Army Supreme Commander
King of Brune and Zhcted
Weapon Vorn Black Bow
Army Silver Meteor Army (The Unstoppable Silver Flow )
Lebus Army (as Urs)
Moonlight Knights
Black Dragon Army
Kingdom Brune (Head Monarch)
Zhcted (Head Monarch)
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Kaito Ishikawa (Adult)
Asami Seto (Child)
English Voice Joel McDonald[4]

Tigrevurmud Vorn, also known as Tigre, is the main protagonist of Madan no Ou no Vanadis series. He is the Earl of his home territory of Alsace. After Brune's horrible defeat in Dinant Plains he was captured by a Vanadis, Eleonora Viltaria, and held captive when he was unable to pay a hefty ransom. Ironically, Elen became Tigre's primary support and he became one of Silver Meteor Army's most proficient war generals, while becoming a third force in Brune's Civil War against Felix Aaron Thenardier and Maximilian Bennusa Ganelon. He later became a renowned war hero for ending Brune's civil war.

After Torbalan's ambush, Tigre had drifted-off to an unknown shore and suffered amnesia upon waking up. Ever since then, he has lived as Urs. Under this moniker, he encountered Elizaveta Fomina and later became her 1st hand-picked subordinate until his encounters and battle against Baba Yaga where he started to regain his memory.

Character Information[edit | edit source]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Tigre has the appearance of an adult male teenager (16-18 years). He is above average in height and has a tall, lean figure. Generally, Tigre is seen in a green tunic with simple brown leather armor and carries a curved bow. He has red hair and large, innocent looking hazel eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Tigre is a righteous man of valor and justice who will fight to protect Alsace from any enemy threats, out of filial responsibility and love for his people rather than loyalty to the crown. Unlike Brune's other aristocrats and nobles, Tigre lives a humble and frugal life and treats his people with the respect and benevolence that they deserve. His love for Alsace is so strong that he is willing to defend at all costs, and he will even risk his life to do so.

Even so, he constantly refuses to become Elen's subordinate (as Urs, however, does to Liza due to his amnesia). However, when he was captured as a prisoner of war by Elen after Brune's defeat, Tigre suffered an undeniable dilemma where he had to choose between his hometown (in Brune) or a compassionate Vanadis (though his status as "traitor" forced him to live in exile from his country until his victory over Duke Thenardier was achieved).

Due to his immense kindness, honesty, perseverance, and selflessness, Tigre is beloved and respected almost by anyone including the Vanadis and aristocrats across the continent. However, those with more selfish desires tend to view Tigre's openness with suspicion as they think that he has some huge ulterior motive, which is usually not the case.

Tigre sleeping

Despite his bravery and valor in battle, Tigre has a lazy personality depicted from his habit of sleeping wherever he goes. He also usually sleeps until noon whenever he can. He prefers hunting over military matters. His sleepy face also often becomes a plaything for most of his female peers, especially the Vanadises, Elen and Mila who find it cute.

However, due to his refined skill and experience as a hunter, Tigre can become alert and wake up immediately in the presence of a hostile individual. He once managed to pin down Elen and draw a knife before her even when he was sleeping just a moment earlier.

Tigre is often unflinching in battle and is ever calm under pressure, usually taking his time and aiming properly with his bow even when the enemy is charging at him. He is also capable of forming complex strategies aimed at killing enemy commanders without suffering major causalities of his forces while eliminating the numerical advantage of his opposition.
Example: Liberation of Agnes

Even when he lost his memories, Tigre's personality remained unchanged, and he (as Urs) wasn't too bothered by his stiff situation and didn't complain that much.

Tigre can effectively utilize the soldiers he has and can analyze the battlefield to discover all strategic locations (to strike back, bluffing, ambush or even stealth assault). This makes him a brilliant field tactician due to the success of his tactics, such as gaining total victory over the enemy that far outnumbers his army.

Because of his personality & his various positive attributes, Tigre has undertaken many unofficial positions [these include: a mediator between Zhcted and Brune and a Vanadis Mediator (as he didn't want to see his fellow allies such as Mila and Elen bickering while he's present and Sofy is not around) while later his caliber makes him worth as a King by King Viktor.

Vorn House[edit | edit source]

Flag[edit | edit source]


The Vorn Family flag & crest has a white crescent-moon and meteor on a blue background.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Master Archer: A genius archer, Tigre's skill with the bow and arrow is beyond excellent. He has the longest range in the entire continent with a normal bow (the average range is 150 Alsin, Tigre can shoot far beyond 300 Alsin) and he is capable of tremendously precise accuracy e.g. from shooting fast moving small animals or minute kinks in the armor from afar to even deviating an arrow from other archers. Additionally, he can shoot up to three arrows at once with it while riding a horse.[5] Due to this credibility, Tigre was even dubbed as a "monster" in archery by both enemies and allies alike. Unfortunately for Tigre, despite his strong skills in archery, he isn't very proficient in any other weapons besides the bow and perhaps his knife. Although, he also has refined hunting skills, which he commonly applies to his tactics in battle.
  • Master Hunter: Tigre is a highly accomplished hunter, as he does it for both leisure and sport. Even seasoned hunters are amazed by his abilities as he can easily kill large beasts where many are unable to do without being in large groups. Tigre can also apply his hunting skills in warfare by aiming to expose the enemy's commander(s) and kill them with his own skills to enable his men to have a fighting chance.
  • Unarmed Combat: Six months after the Brune Civil War, Tigre is shown on multiple occasions to have become very skilled at subduing opponents without resorting to lethal force, such as his bow, knife and even stones[6]. At one point he was able to grab an assailant's fist, twist it to subdue him and then trip him over into his ally, subduing two people at once. Much later, he was easily able to defeat up to three men in a horse stable. On both occasions, Tigre was neither scratched by his assailants nor broke a sweat in bringing them down.
  • Senses and Reflexes: Due to his time as a hunter Tigre has developed a very strong sense of danger, such that he will immediately awaken in the presence of hostile killing intent, with the sole exception of the Vanadis Valentina, to date. This reaction speed is evidently enough to catch another Vanadis like Elen off guard when she used it to wake him up. Tigre's visual prowess is also notable, given his accuracy with the bow when hitting targets more than 300 Alsin away, and shooting down an opposing arrow. His sense of danger is by no means limited to when he is asleep, as he is shown capable of noticing a hostile arrow, grabbing it in mid-air on reflex and then firing it straight back at its user. His sense of nature is also so unnatural that he can take a shot just by reading the wind's direction itself.
  • Master Strategist: Because of his refined skill as a hunter, Tigre primarily excels in ambush and guerrilla warfare. He is also able to overcome overwhelming odds by defeating the Commander to break the enemies morale. Throughout the story, Tigre develops more 'out-of-the-box' strategies which were able to overwhelm the odds marking him as a worthy opponent by Kureys and Leonhardt. Tigre's commanding abilities were also initially sub-par due to his lack of personnel and formal education on his part than any lack of talent. After being taught such tactics and trade by Lim and Elen, Tigre begins to show exceptional skill and talent as a military commander. Additionally, while collaborating with the Vanadis, Tigre learns how to handle field combat and sieges with complete ease as evidenced in the siege on Fort Lux. His tactical brilliance has been displayed on more than one occasions, as he can hold his ground against forces far superior to his own without relying on the powers of his Black Bow. Having ruled over a small territory peacefully for two years, Tigre also has skills in resolving conflict and finance, both of which can easily translate over to the military. This skill is further enforced by Lim, who teaches him about the expenses of war and the necessity of maintaining troop loyalty and moral. He is also a talented negotiator, resolving conflicts within his army and territory, as well as securing himself powerful allies such as some of the Vanadis on multiple occasions that was further reinforced by Mila who taught Tigre more about negotiation. Tigre's main tactics are usually centered around taking out the enemy's commander with his bow, effectively disrupted their chain of command and sending them into a panic. When this strategy alone is not an option, he would skillfully employ the environmental and forms of psychological warfare, such as reading his enemy's tactics or convincing them they're actually fighting a force superior to what he actually possessed.E ver since Tigre started leading the Silver Meteor Army in various battles, he can rally his troops above 5,000 or more and place them under his command. He is also able to command Vanadis in several battles where strategy required the Vanadis to fight against certain opponents in a certain area. Despite Tigre was on other Army such as Tallard's Army or Lebus Army, his feat of being a commander remain unchanged as he was trusted in every army he participated in as a General.
  • Master of Stealth: Because of his natural ability as a hunter, he can conceal his presence to a certain extent where he cannot be detected by wild animals or enemies until he makes a shot. He also uses this ability in warfare situations making him able to slip past enemy guards undetected and bringing his men to the ambush position unnoticed by the enemy with slight time to prepare.
  • Field Expertise: His prowess at analyzing fields was second to none as he can make a perfect assessment on how to deal with opponents and using the terrain to his advantage. With some brief intel, he is already able to calculate how things will go since he can predict where the enemy will most likely go and even how he can use the terrain to his advantage. He can also read the speed of the wind to allow him to judge whether he can assassinate the enemy commander from 300 alsins or not. Weather, time and field enable him to formulate a strategy so that he can deceive enemy such as deceiving Muozinel's Army on the first invasion utilizing the closed terrain and sun angle to create an illusion of 6000 Army while the actual number is only 10% of it.

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Vorn Black Bow: Tigre's signature weapon and House Vorn's heirloom. He discovered the power of The Black Bow during the Battle of Molsheim as he used it with the aid of Arifal to shoot down Zion and his Wyvern dragon. He first consciously used the power of Black Bow when Tir Na Fal possessed Titta and told Tigre to shoot her (during their campaign against Navarre Knights). He also first truly awakened its power when he fired it into the sky after he was enraged and saddened over Bertrand's death. The Black Bow itself is also the main focus of the demons who desire Tigre and the Black Bow for their benefit, due to Tigre being the current Master of the Black Bow itself and a rare being. Ever since he used Arifal's power as a supplement to the Black Bow's power when he killed Zion, Tigre has also often been granted supplementary powers by the Viralts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Vorn" is a German word for "Front" while "Tigre" is a word for "Tiger" in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.
  • There is a running gag where Tigre's sleepy face became a tease subject by almost anyone, especially Elen (also the other Vanadis as well) who found his sleepy face cute while tending to use the "drastic measures" (usually fan service jokes) to wake him up should any effort proven to no avail.
    • Because of this, some of his peers (especially Elen) even try to think of strategies to wake up Tigre, which only proved to be even more difficult when they saw him pin down Elen via his (hunters) instincts. Staggeringly, according to Bertrand himself, Tigre's sleeping habits itself also become a gag to even Alsace residents and his peers.
  • Interestingly, there is another running gag in that Tigre will always see a prominent woman (mostly a Vanadis) naked once or get caught in a compromising position with them - even if he is completely unaware or asleep (evidenced in Volume 2 where he was unaware that Elen sets a trap for Mila on the hot spring, seeing her naked as he enters the hot spring expecting it to be empty to take a bath, and Volume 5 where he gets a handful of Valentina's breast while he is fast asleep, causing her to be livid yet intrigued over his "sense of danger"). These incidents have caused Gerard Augre and Rurick in one of the bonus omakes to label these incidents as "lucky lecher" incidents.
    • Because of many such accidents, Tigre has often got beaten up and Lim was noted as the most frequent female to beat Tigre up, while Mila beat him up just once because of Elen's trap.
  • Throughout the story, Tigre is the only main character who directly encounters all types of Dragon despite not defeating all of them, from the Earth Dragon, Wyvern, Sea Dragon, Double-Headed Dragon to the Fire Drake.
  • Both Elen and Regin have considered many of Tigre's feats as miracles. Regin has even admitted that she didn't think Tigre would die even after hearing about his "disappearance".
  • To date, Tigre is the first (non-Vanadis) and only non-Zhcted person to become a "Mediator between two Vanadises" Eleonora & Elizaveta.
    • Because of his mediation and presence on the Vanadis, all Vanadis that was his prominent allies change their feud to a more passive one to gain his affection and to avoid troubling him further. He notably ended Leitmeritz-Olmutz traditional feud and Elen-Liza's personal feud without putting much effort to it.
  • Surprisingly, even as one of the aristocrats of Brune (Earl of Alsace) Tigre is poor in dancing.[7]
  • Tigre currently is the only commander that commands armies from two kingdoms which were Brune and Zhcted's army together in one Army under his command (Silver Meteor Army and Moonlight Knights).
  • To date, Tigre has unofficially become one of Brune's new generation of heroes after Roland, Faron and Thenardier due to his decisive tactics, reputation as Hero of Brune and Lumiere and his cooperation with Zhcted as an ally. However despite his heroic deeds that earned his reputation, Tigre has yet to be recognized as Brune Hero by people from Brune due to false charges and accusations of "treachery" against Brune. Currently Sachstein, Zhcted and Muozinel admit Tigre as a Brune Hero while other nations include Brune have not yet officially accepted it.
    • Kureys admits Tigre as a Brune Hero via his remarks after Battle of Severack that as long as Tigre was still alive even they manage to capture Nice, Brune will never befall so easily.
  • Currently, Tigre has military authority aligned to Brune Crown itself as Regin promote him into Brune Top General and give him full authority of having entire Brune Army under his command.
  • Tigre's feat of having extremely high luck and showing his resolve (Establishing relationship with Vanadis until revent that makes Tigre ascend as King) are noted highly by Lim, Gerard and Mila.
  • At the end of the story, Tiger rises as High Monarch of Brune to Zchtad.
  • He has a wife and many lovers. and has children with all them, but the only known marriage is having Ellen´s child. Vachell Vorn.
  1. Regin- Wife
  2. Elen-Lover and mother to his child
  3. Lim-Lover
  4. Mila-Lover
  5. Titta-Lover
  6. Sofy-Lover
  7. Liza-Lover
  8. Olga-Lover

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