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Sofya Obertas
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Kana ソフィーヤ.・オベルタス
Romaji Sofīya Oberutasu
Vanadis Nickname Brilliant Princess of the Light Flower (Presuvet) (光華の耀姫 (ブレスヴェート) )
Casual Name Sofy
Personal Profile
Age 20(Arc One)[1]
21(Arc Two)[2]
22(Arc Three)[3]
Hair Blonde
Eye Beryl
Birth Place Lublin, Zhcted[4]
Status Alive
Vanadis Profile


Element Light
Territory Polesia
Occupation Mediator of the Vanadis
Lord of Polesia
Position & Rank Vanadis of Zhcted
Lord of Polesia
Army Polesia Army
Kingdom Zhcted
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Ai Kayano
English Voice Morgan Garrett[5]

Sofya Obertas, also known as Sofy, is one of the main heroines and one of seven Vanadis of the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. As current mediator and a moral guardian to all Vanadis, Sofy dislikes violence and upholds her role to take care of her fellow Vanadis from unwanted conflict. She also upholds the principle as a responsible Vanadis, such as how the War-Maidens shouldn't put emotions ahead of country affairs or duty. She is also Eleonora Viltaria and Tigrevurmud Vorn's prominent acquaintance and ally in most of their battles, especially during a civil war in Brune.

Character InformationEdit


Sofy is a very beautiful young woman with beryl eyes. She has long, curly golden blonde hair. She is also tall with delicate shoulders, narrow hips, and long, slender legs. She has an extremely voluptuous figure, with enormous breasts which are larger than the already voluptuous Eleonora, thin waist, and splendid curves which match her motherly and mature personality.

For her clothing, Sofy often wears the neat long pale green and white dress with the transparent cloth on the front which almost exposes her breasts. She also wears her flower hair clip and hair band made out of pearl on her head. Sofy also wears a heart-shaped pearl necklace and a hand brace (left hand) as her main accessories. She also appear to have twin long pearl beads which serves as a belt/accessories around her waist.


As the role-model to all Vanadis, Sofy is a motherly and moral figure who sees all her fellow Vanadis like her sisters/daughters of her family. Being extremely compassionate. pacifistic and benevolent, Sofy tends to guide all Vanadis not to follow their emotions blindly, especially love and try to live up to their expectations to maintain balance between their life and duty. It is due to her position as the mediator and a special envoy, that Sofy rarely fights other Vanadis unless she is confronting hostile situations. Rather than using violence, Sofy also a pacifist Vanadis who uses wisdom and negotiation to solve the problem.

Despite her generosity and benevolence, Sofy can be serious whenever she is cornered by enemy officers or her friends are in trouble. While not aggressive by nature, the Light Flower Vanadis willing to protect her friends or herself from possible danger, even if she has to risk her life for it. Aside from the rare aggression, Sofy also tends to be flirtatious especially towards Tigre after his two previous wars in the battlefield.

Aside from her intelligence, Sofy also likes to collect legends and stories about dragons, she also has a one-sided intimacy toward Elen's pet dragon Lunie, who usually afraid of her and often running away from her. She also likes to do painting when she was free (however, this doesn't mean she is good at it).[6]


Sofy's background is rather uninteresting (as claimed by herself). She was born in a large town called Lublin, between Osterode and Polesia, Zhcted. Her father was a knight that seldom came home, and her mother was busy keeping the house, so she was raised up by her grandfather. Her grandfather not only taught her how to read, but also taught her how to fight with a staff. She was a wild child who would wave her staff wherever she goes. (Elen and Mila claimed that Sofy is still "wild" even today.) Despite being a knight, Sofy's father was not famous for his fighting skill, rather he was more well known for his capability of doing paper work, mediation, and negotiation. Sofy's correlative skills may be passed down by her father.[7]


Persuading Zhcted King on Elen's BehalfEdit

Main article: Two Vanadis Arc
Elen Sofy meeting

Sofy defending Elen's Action to King Viktor

The news about Elen's involvement in Alsace's rescue had spread to Zhcted, including Sofy. During a meeting in the court, Sofy suddenly came in and told the king that Elen had her reasons to be hired by Tigre. She explained that Elen would unlikely meet any adversaries due to the Brune's internal conflict and Zhcted should have reasoned with them and welcome the victims should the hostility treatment from Brune's authority is true. When King Victor questioned her that if her claims allow Elen to do as she pleased, the Gentle Light Vanadis explained that unlike any kingdoms, Zhcted has the immunity to intervene the Brune Civil War and Elen's punishment would only lead to the loss of Zhcted's chance to prove their dominance to the other kingdoms. With her persuasion, the king reluctantly accepted Elen's alliance with Tigre (though the king had no intention to interfere in the Brune Civil War).


Sofy stopped Elen and Mila from fighting.

Sofy later came by and stopped Elen and her fellow Vanadis, Ludmila Lourie, with her Zaht Staff. Seeing Elen dissed towards to Mila, Sofy warned Elen that she had just made another enemy since Mila was sided with Thenardier. With Elen surprised about it, Sofy told Elen further that even with Thenardier and Ganelon's their notoriety for their tyranny, they yielded high prestige in Brune and should one of them fall, Brune was still in an imminent danger. In addition, Sofy also warned that Elen's help for Tigre's would also put her position in jeopardy,

When Elen remained silent as she learn that Mila actually despised on Thenardier, Sophie then asked Elen what she saw inside Tigre, since Elen decided to forge the alliance with Tigre. She was initially surprised that the only thing that drew Elen's attention was his cute sleeping face, but Elen's story about Earl Vorn piqued Sofy's curiosity about Tigre, and to Elen she replied that she could meet him in person for more details. When Elen asked if whether she or Sasha allied with Thenadier or Ganelon, she told her that both of them remained neutral and told her that she should be at least grateful about it.

First Meeting with the Earl of AlsaceEdit

Mashas meet sofy

Sofy rescued Mashas in Nice Royal Palace

Sofy visited Brune for a diplomatic meeting with King Faron during its civil war. Unfortunately, due to Faron's serious illness, she was unable to become the audience and was forced to go back to Zhcted. Coincidentally, she met Mashas Rodant, who was surrounded by assassins while trying to defend himself. She immediately saved Mashas from the assassins by effortlessly beating them with Zaht, before introducing herself to Mashas. She and Mashas then went their separate ways as Mashas told her to find Tigre, Elen and others in the Orange Plains, while Mashas himself returned to Aude to assemble his soldiers to Tigre's aid.

Tigre met sofy

Sofy's unexpected meeting with Tigre

While visiting the Orange Plains for Elen and her new army, Sofy joined Elen in her bath while chasing Lunie, who was trying to escape from her by flying away. While chasing after Lunie to the nearby river, Sofy accidentally bumped onto Tigre and falling onto the riverbed, with Tigre's body making the save. While Tigre was dumbfounded over her sudden naked appearance, Sofy thanked Tigre for rescuing her from the fall; but in the same time, the scene also irritated Elen who saw her friend who had fallen onto Tigre while searching for Lunie. Nevertheless, Sofy still greeted Tigre with full courtesy and delivering her bad news: Through Badouin's declaration, Brune has officially declared Tigre as a "traitor" and his position as a Brune noble and citizen was revoked, much to Tigre's shock.

At night, Sofy came to visit and consult Tigre who was still in disbelief over his crimes of treachery. While remaining friendly towards Tigre, the Gentle Light Vanadis began her serious discussion with Tigre about his current relationship with Elen. She told Tigre that most Vanadis are obliged to fulfill their duty while refraining from being emotional, especially falling in love which presumably put Zhcted in jeopardy. As for her warning, Sofy further informed Tigre that she won't hesitate to fight both him and Elen if they have fallen in love. As she left Tigre, Sofy would begin to wonder if Tigre's benevolence and generosity would be for better or worse in the future if he became a prized trophy which prompted all Vanadis wishes to claim Tigre as their own, including herself.

During their walk at night, Sofy was teasing Elen about their relationship between the archer and the Wind Vanadis, to which Elen denied. At the same time, she also told Elen about matters regarding the status of the remaining four Vanadis, particularly Elizaveta Fomina and Alexandra Alshavin. Sofy also apologized to Elen for being unable to track any news regarding Thenardier's dragons.

Rivalry with Roland, Brune's Strongest HeroEdit

Main article: Dark Knight Arc
Sofy rescued both Elen and Tigre from Navarre Knights just in time by creating a light barrier to deflect the Navarre Knights's javelins. While telling Elen to escape, Sofy stayed behind to stall her foe while buying Elen and Tigre time to escape.
Roland vs sofy

Sofy Fighting Roland

At the same time, Sofy also confronted and fought briefly against Roland when he easily cut through her light barrier. Just as Roland was about to deliver the finishing blow, Sofy used her light to blind Roland and the Navarre Knights and immediately retreat via teleportation. The Gentle Light Vanadis then reunited with Elen and Mashas in the Orange Plain camp, while also meeting Hughes Augre as her company. After Elen vowed to best Roland in her next war, Sofy appeared besides her and joined Elen's battle against Roland.

In Elen's second battle against Roland, Sofy and Elen separated Roland from the battle and fought fiercely against him with all their might and powers. Despite their teamwork, Roland still remained standing and even survived their strongest Vedas. Fortunately, they were rescued by Tigre, who just recovered from his injuries and shot an arrow at Roland, who even managed to destroy the arrow. Just as Tigre was about to collapse while holding his injuries, Sofy borrowed her power to Tigre's arrow, who shot an immense powerful arrow (combined with Elen and hers). While witnessing that Roland still standing after that powerful arrow shot, Sofy also heard. The victory, however, also caused Tigre's collapse, but both Vanadis managed to luckily retrieve him before Roland declared his defeat and spared them. In the battle's aftermath, Sofy would see Tigre's sleeping face (while healing from the previous battle) cute and attempts to request Elen to get her "share" upon Tigre, which confirmed her speculation about the relationship as she saw Elen stubbornly refuse to share Tigre with her and yet found relief that Elen is acquainted with a man full of hidden potentials and respected him.

After hugging Lunie and Elen and Leitmeritz Army left for Legnica for Sasha, Sofy bid Tigre farewell and good luck before returning to Zhcted.

Vorn-Thenardier Campaign & VictoryEdit

Light and dark vanadis

Sofy meets Valentina in Silesia Royal Palace

In Silesia's Imperial Palace, Sofy was tasked by Victor as Zhcted's special envoy and also learned that Mila, under the King orders, joined the campaign to keep an eye on Elen's movements since she hasn't returned to Zhcted for a half-year. In one of her assumptions, Sofy thought that Victor planned to use both Vanadis's ill relationship to turn them against each other while remarking about the old king's fear about Vanadis's rise of power, just like Zhcted's past rulers before him. Just as the Light Flower Vanadis prayed that nothing terrible happens to Elen, Sofy encountered her fellow Vanadis,Valentina Glinka Estes, and surprised over her sudden appearance, while she knew Valentina rarely attended any of the meetings. After Valentina smiled and left for Victor, Sofy suspected that Valentina lied about her illness and assumed she was hiding her ambiguous scheme and agenda.

During the banquet in Brune after Tigre's successfully ended the Brune Civil War, Sofy is among the first three Vanadis to congratulate his glorious achievements and hugged Tigre with her breasts pressed into Tigre's face, much to both Elen and Mila chagrin with shock and anger. Seeing her fellow Vanadis jealousy on surface, Sofy immediately releases her grasp from Tigre and told him that it's been a while seeing him since his rescue from Roland, seemly intrigued that Tigre's relationship grew not only towards Elen but Mila as well. This scene has prompted Sofy begin to see him as someone special which peaked her interest.

Involvement in Asvarre Civil WarEdit

Main article: Asvarre Civil War Arc

Sofy as a prisoner under Prince Eliot

Six months have passed since Brune's Civil War, Sofy visited Asvarre as a supposed messenger to aid Eliot in his war against Germaine. As they arrived to the port however, Eliot was nowhere to be found and his messenger delivered his message to her on his behalf. The prince's absence prompted Sophie to be suspicious and cautious, but she later reluctantly agreed to comply to the rules. Later, she was ambushed by Eliot's pirates and barely survived as the ship engulfed in flames when the fire ignited via the barrel of fish oil. Even though she managed to defeat some pirates, the pirate ship has set sail away from the port and the Gentle Light Vanadis is surrounded by the group of pirates under Eliot.

With innocent people held hostage and Zaht gone missing, the Light Vanadis reluctantly surrendered and became Eliot's pirates prisoner. During her imprisonment, Sofy confronted Eliot and his pirates while assuming the prince was treating her like an object. To her morbid discovery, however, Eliot killed his twelve men just for his own leisure while attempting to gain her impression, which she deemed vulgar and repulsive. Nevertheless, Sofy remained calmed and attempted to provoke Eliot into his rage, only to no avail as Eliot claimed the Light Vanadis was too beautiful to be dead and attempted to sell her to Muozinel as a slave. After Eliot left the room, Sofy was relieved as she remained optimistic and awaited her best opportunity for her escape while wondering about Tigre. When the Slavers later arrived, their representative noted that she was too lightly secured and insisted that she be stripped naked and restrained to ensure her complete inability to escape. Eliot found this unnecessary, which caused the Muozinel representative to insult him using their native tongue. During the final battle with Eliot, she was nearly dragged away by the Muozinel slavers, but she summoned her Viralt to her hands and managed to fight back against them. When the news about the archer from Brune arrives along with another Vanadis from Zhcted which has the same caliber as the archer on Asvarre, Tallard. Sofy thought it was Tigre that comes to Zhcted but her mind snaps herself out as she think that there is no way the Young Earl travels to Zhcted.


Sofy with Tigre and Olga in disguises.

A few minutes after Tigre and his army successfully infiltrated Eliot's stronghold and found her, Sofy would greet Tigre and began to wonder if help has finally arrived. Though dumbfounded at first, the Gentle Light Vanadis would realize that Tigre's appearance before her was no illusion and quickly hugged him. Afterwards, Sophie would regain her senses and begin to inquire about the sudden appearance of the Earl of Vorn in Asvarre, as he is unrelated to the situation there, Tigre answers that to rescue a lady in distress is his duty as well. Her reunion with Tigre is then interrupted by Tallard, the highest ranked general of Asvarre.

Sofy later followed Tigre and Olga Tamm, the Reversal Moon Vanadis of Brest, to capture the now fleeing Eliot. Prince Eliot tries to flee on a ship but Tigre uses his bow's power to attack the ship with her and Olga's power combined, instantly destroying the ship and demoralized Eliot's remnant troops and pirates due to their inability to comprehend it. Eliot surrendered and was executed after the event.

Sofy and OlgaEdit

Five days has passed since Eliot's capture in Luarca Village, Sofy was among many headed for Asvarre's Main Island via the ship from Port Maliayo, While arriving to Colchester in evening, she also reunited with her subordinates in the city. When she wished for a hot-bath, Sofy also went for the Colchester Hot Bathhouse and shared a bath with Olga. Because of the lack of manpower after the end of the civil war, Sofy and Olga were bathing together.

Sofy's Relationship with TigreEdit

Since the rescue, Sofy started to cling to Tigre much to Olga's jealousy. Since then, Sophie tends to attempt to seduce Tigre regularly.

Tigre's DisappearanceEdit

Tigre's wasn't found either with the surviving group nor among the corpses in the debris of the ship, Sofy was saddened over the event which led her to wonder how would she explain the situation, especially to Elen and Brune citizens whom Tigre considered as precious.

Regardless the tense situation, Sofy decided to make her journey back to Zhcted along with Olga and Matvey. Their first stop would be Legnica, where they report of both dragon invaders and Tigre's disappearance to Sasha. While on their journey back to the capital, Sofy tends to shares her condolences with Olga about Tigre's unknown whereabouts, with high hopes that he will be all right. She also accompanied Olga back to Brest. When Sasha succumbed to her illness and eventually passed away, the Gentle Light Vanadis shared her condolences to the late legend.

The Truth of the Lord Marksman MythEdit

Sofy first time for encountering demons and the power that Tigre have in his Black Bow drives her to investigate both of them at the same time. Whilst lamenting over the mishaps two months ago, Sofy went to her personal library to read the myth about King of Magic Bullet, the title that Tigre earned after a battle in Molsheim Plains include his genius marksmanship. Sofy believes Tigre has a connection to the legend and what makes Sofy to investigate more is about "3" and "7" on the Myth she read. Some time after her discovery, Sofy was delighted in tears after receiving a letter and learned over Tigre's survival.

Sun FestivalEdit

One year later, Sofy arrived to Silesia Imperial Palace to celebrate the annual Sun Festival. Upon their friends arrival, Sofy reunited with Tigre and others while hugging the Brune Hero with her body pressing his face, much to Mila and Elen's irritation. Despite Mila urged her to release Tigre, Sofy requested Mila to give her as she was anticipating her reunion with Tigre while gazing at the Ice Vanadis. Upon listening to Tigre's apology for making her worried, Sofy released Tigre from her clutches while anticipating their long talk and inviting him for a dance, which Tigre decline due to his embarrassment but Sofy told Tigre that she would teach him some day. During their search for Olga, Sofy and others met Liza who surprisingly made her interaction with Tigre, prompting Sofy and Mila to ask Tigre about their relationship. The Light Vanadis was later intrigued over Tigre's story after learning his two-months journey to recover whilst under Liza's care. Like most of the girls, Sofy were shocked to hear Olga's wedding proposal to Tigre.

File:TIgre and six Vanadis.png

After Tigre's meeting with Viktor, Sofy and the Vanadises were discussing about their encounter with the demons, as well the Black Bow's power that defeat the demons. During the discussion while seeing Valentina day dreaming, Sofy asked Valentina if she ever meet monsters or demons but the Void Vanadis denied. Sofy later told Tigre to tell his story regarding his Black Bow. Whilst learning from Tigre regarding Tir Na Fal, Sofy and the Vanadises also learned from Tigre about his late mother, a daughter of Brune Royal Gardener whom Mila presumably connected to the Black Bow[8]. When Tigre told everyone that he will investigate his mother's background once he return to Brune, Sofy urged Tigre not to pressure himself.

Role in Repelling Muozinel InvasionEdit

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Zhcted's New King and Civil ChaosEdit

Main article: Silesia Imperial Garden Incident

Role in Zhcted Civil WarEdit

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Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Main article: Tir Na Fal's Descent

The following victory over the invading Muozinel Army and the traitors, Sofy and Mila are supposed to lead the Olmutz-Polesia Army return to Silesia. However, with the sky suddenly changes purple, Sofy and Mila feel uneasy especially the former who assumes this phenomenal is relevant to Tir Na Fal. So she dispatches a messenger to investigate Silesia instead, of which she later learns that the capital is fallen to Tina's control. She meets Titta, Gerard, Gaspar and Damad who they barely escape from the capital. After hearing Titta's worry about Tigre and her hunch regarding something ominous is happening at northern Zhcted, which is latter known as Zagan afterwards, Sofy decides to leave her army behind and follow Mila, Titta, Gerard and Damad for the location to rendezvous with Elen and others.


Sofy and her fellow Vanadises saves Tigre from Ganelon

Upon their arrival at Zagan, Sofy, like her fellow Vanadises, manages to save Tigre from Ganelon. However, the ritual for Tir Na Fal's descent is complete and Ganelon then using Tir Na Fal (Demon) to possess Tigre, causing the Vanadises to fight against Tigre instead. To make situation even worse, just as Tigre is about to come to his senses, Ganelon then absorbing Tir Na Fal's (Demon) power via stabbing Tigre via Durandal which transforms him into a gigantic monster. During their harrowing struggle against Ganelon, Sofy also witnessing Lim's ascension as a Vanadis via Bargren and Titta's possession by Tir Na Fal (Human) as their aid for this battle. In spite her struggle, Sofy refuses to give up for the sake of Polesia. The battle then turns its tide when Tigre's Black Bow absorbing powers from all the Viralts, including Sofy's Zaht, to finally slay Ganelon for good. The consequence for this victory however is all Viralts except Bargren and Ezendeis are fossilized, including Zaht, rendering Sofy as an ordinary girl.

Latter Roles After Ganelon's DemiseEdit

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Tigrevurmud Vorn the New King of Zhcted and BruneEdit

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Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Photokinesis- As a light Vanadis, most of Sofy's powers are based on light or energy based elements. While her lights aren't as fatal as other Vanadis powers, Sofy's lights are bright enough to temporarily blinding her enemies and even teleport herself to anywhere she pleased. Her light powers also have healing properties.
  • Teleportation- Sofy can teleport almost anywhere with a speed of light. However, her teleportation could be used only for emergency escape.
  • Diplomatic Mediator- As Zhcted's ambassador and messenger, Sofy traveled almost across the continent for diplomatic missions. Due to her position, Sofya is one of Zhcted's most vital ministers.
  • Fighting Skill-Whenever she was threaten or surrounded, Sofy is capable to defend herself from any possible dangers around her.
  • Master Staffwoman: Sofy is a master in fighting with a staff, a skill which she learnt from her grandfather as a child,Sofy is able proficiently parry off knife and sword strikes with Zaht.
  • Immense Reflexes: Sofy is extremely evasive , she is highly capable in dodging enemies attack even in her weaken state. [9]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

  • Zaht- Light type Vralt (Dragonic Weaponry) and Sofy's primary weapon. Though Zaht's appearance did not pose a threat to her enemies, it holds an immense power that is equally dangerous like most Vralt (Dragonic Weaponry).


  • Sofy is one of the few Vanadis who has the single nickname, along with Mila, Tina & Olga.
  • Sofy is the among the few Vanadis whom Elen tolerated due to her respectful friendship.
  • Sofy is the only Vanadis that was disarmed. Her Viralt was thrown to the sea but she reacquired it by calling her Viralt, later Tigre did the same thing with his Black Bow, however, with the aid of Tir Na Fal and Titta.
  • She was born on January 27.
  • Of all major female characters, Sofy has the biggest bust. Her buxom breasts and well-endowed figure is often a source of consternation for Tigre (especially whenever he sees Sofy naked) and even makes some of the girls (even without Elen's knowledge) around her jealous, especially Olga who is concerned that her flat chest is no match for her. According to the author, the breast sizes for all major characters are: Sofy ≧ Lim > Elen = Liza ≧ Valentina > Sasha ≧ Regin > Mila ≧ Titta > Olga [10]
  • Interestingly, Sofy has great fondness of dragons, especially [11]Lunie (though Lunie ironically feared her the most and often seen running away from her).
  • Of all seven Vanadis, Sofy is the only Vanadis who serves as both warrior and ambassador for Zhcted. Due to her position as the current Mediator between the Vanadis and one of Zhcted's prominent ministers, Sofy rarely fights unless necessary and she is often away from her territory.
  • There is a gag where Sofy walking together with Tigre and Olga by wearing a commoner clothes after Battle of Fort Lux, many fans are teasing them as a "family": Tigre and Sofy as husband and wife while Olga as their daughter.
  • Of all the Vanadis presented in the series, Sofy is the forth eldest after Fine, Sasha and Tina before Sasha's passing. Although Fine is 3 years older than her, Sofy is considered a veteran due to her vast experience in politics (possibly more than five years of services as Vanadis) and warfare (only when cornered or gotten involved otherwise).
    • Prior to Sasha's passing, Sofy currently is the eldest amongst the Vanadis based on her services as a Vanadis, possibly more than 5 years.


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