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Roland Arc
Part of Arc One

Roland Dark Knight
Location Nice
Orange Plains
Tir Na Fal Shrine
Side Brune; Silver Meteor Army
Result Tigre Turned "Traitor"
Navarre Knight's Defeat
Roland's execution by Ganelon
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes LN Volume 3
Manga Chapters/Volumes MN Ch 17, MN Ch 18, MN Ch 19, MN Ch 20 , MN Ch 21, MN Ch 22, MN Ch 23, MN Ch 24, MN Ch 25, MN Ch 26, MN Ch 27, MN Ch 28
Anime Episodes Episode 6 (Second Half), Episode 7, Episode 8 (First Half)
Light Novel Chronology
Two Vanadis Arc ←Roland Arc→ Muozinel Invasion Arc
Manga Chronology
Two Vanadis Arc ←Roland Arc→ Muozinel Invasion Arc
Anime Chronology
Two Vanadis Arc ←Roland Arc→ Muozinel Invasion Arc

Roland Arc is the third story arc of Arc One from Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. This arc focuses on Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army's fierce feud against Roland and the Navarre Knights, as well as his status as Brune's "traitor" under the declaration from Brune's Prime Minister Pierre Badouin. In this arc, Tigre also learned little information about the Black Bow's origin and power via Tir Na Fal (possessed Titta), the Goddess of Death who made infamous in folklore and legends from both Brune and Zhcted[1]. Subsequently, it takes a combined effort from Tigre and the Vanadises (Elen and Sofy) to force Roland into surrender for the first time.


Roland, Brune's Strongest HeroEdit

At Brune's western borders, Roland and the Navarre Knights are repelling the invading Sachstein Army [Notes 1] with 2,000 troops. Even with Sachstein Army's bravery and siege weapons, they are easily outmatched by Roland's might and Navarre Knights's ferocity that leads to their horrific defeat. Roland however isn't delighted by this victory as he laments over Brune's civil turmoil that caused by negligence from ministers and aristocrats.

Roland read

Roland reading the letter that orders him to fight Earl Vorn(Tigre)

At their headquarters, Roland receives a letter on behalf of Faron to quell Earl Vorn (Tigre) for his "treason" against Brune. Despite Olivier's concern over his decision for mustering the entire Navarre Knights over one "traitor", Roland's decision remains firm as he cannot afford to underestimate Tigre especially since he is supported by a Vanadis and 500 Zhcted soldiers; moreover, as written in the letter contents, Thenardier will reassure Roland that under a temporary truce with Sachstein, their western enemies would not attack Brune for a time being. [Notes 2][2] In order to prevent Brune from falling into enemy's hands, Roland leads the Navarre Knights march for Orange Plains but he rushes for Nice Royal Palace to visit Faron first, only to be stopped by Thenardier and Ganelon who inform him about the king's severe illness.

Friendship Between a Vanadis and HousemaidEdit

At the main camp in Orange Plains, Elen is dreaming about Sasha's advice of a Vanadis's responsibilities and duty, including an introduction of using a Viralt. [Notes 3], which also included Mila and Sofy who made a small briefing regarding the Viralt. Regardless about Mila's statement, Elen simply told her fellow Vanadis that she would fight those who challenge her in a battlefield with integrity and honor.[Notes 4]

Titta and Elen

Elen and Titta in Orange Plains (Manga version).

On the next day, Elen wakes up and encounters Titta who is drawing a bucket of water from the nearby river. As the girls begins to chat, Elen teases Titta by asking the housemaid about her relationship with Tigre. When Titta asks Elen about her feeling towards Tigre however, Elen herself is unable to answer Titta's question clearly and denies her feelings for Tigre, mostly due to her status as a Vanadis and a bigger relationship gap between themselves. Titta then tells Elen stories about Tigre's struggles as Alsace's Earl to keep his territory and his peers altogether, prompting all Alsace citizens, including herself, to worry about his well being, which steepen Elen's interest towards Tigre. [Notes 5].

Meanwhile, Lim silently sneaks into Tigre's camp and witness a sleeping Tigre while recalls their first meeting in Leitmeritz Palace's cell. Unable to resists Tigre's sleepy Tigre's face, Lim touches his until the arrival of Elen and Titta to Tigre's camp, causes her to accidentally pull Tigre's hair that forcefully wakes Tigre up.

Brune Court's DilemmaEdit

Mashas and Badouin at King Chambers Doors

Mashas and Badouin at the door.

Elsewhere, Mashas arrives to Nice Royal Palace as his request to see King Faron in regards of what happened at Alsace, only to reunite with Prime Minister and old friend Badouin who remain calm and leads [Notes 6][3][4] him to the King Chambers to witness Faron's broken state (both mentally and physically), where he now playing wooden blocks. Horrified to see what had happened, Mashas asks Badouin if anybody know the truth to which the Prime Minister replies only a handful of people such as himself himself and a few aristocrats and ministers (specifically Thenardier, Ganelon and even Foreign Affairs Minister) knew this. Even realizing that there is little solution in [Notes 7][5] stopping both Dukes's atrocities, both Mashas and Badouin are arguing over Tigre's action in defending Alsace by involving Zhcted Army. [Notes 8][6] Nevertheless, as much he wishes to contribute himself for Brune, Badouin tells Mashas that he still considers Tigre has gone "rouge"  before leaving, much to Mashas's frustrations.

Mashas meet sofy

Sofy rescues Mashas from assassination.

On his way to leave the Royal Palace, Mashas is ambushed by a group of assassins-whose mission is to kill Mashas under either Ganelon or Thenardier's orders-at the palace's Royal Garden. Coincidentally, Sofy[Notes 9][7][8] passes by and witnessing the assassination attempt, prompting one assassin to kill the Light Vanadis. As Mashas warns her to leave however, Sofy surprises everyone by parrying the assassin's attack and knocks him out via Zaht. Other assassins follow suit to kill both Mashas and Sofy, but ultimately being beaten by both Earl and Vanadis. After the rescue, Mashas thanks Sofy for the rescue and vice versa from Sofy, who the later going to visit Silver Meteor Army Camp while Mashas returns to Aude in order to muster his 300 available soldiers for Territorie.

Formation of the Silver Meteor StormEdit

After being awaken by the accident from Lim, Tigre and his allies are holding a meeting inside a Commander's tent while Titta serving breakfast for everyone. During the meeting, they are arguing over the new army's (supposedly) official name of Coalition Army between Alsace, Aude, Territorie and Leitmeritz Army considering Alsace-Leitmeritz Army, something that Elen deems too long to be remembered. Instead, Elen boldly suggest to name the new army as the Silver Meteor Storm, much to chill of both Lim and Tigre since the name itself is bases from her actual Vanadis nickname and, at the same time, also referencing Tigre's power of the Black Bow which resembles a Black Meteor itself. After some debate, they finally agree to name their army as Silver Meteor Storm Army with the nickname of Silver Meteor Army.

Outside the camp, Tigre learns from Rurick that both Brune and Zhcted's soldiers [Notes 10] are fighting for the clouds in the sky: Bayard [Notes 11] and Zirnitra[Notes 12] respectively. To settle the commotion, Tigre had to fire his special arrow[Notes 13] onto the ground while its whistle garners everyone's attention. As Tigre asks them over the ruckus, all soldiers become silent while curious over Tigre's answer over their argument, only to be confused as Tigre answers that the cloud is shaped as both legendary creatures.[9] Tigre explains to everyone that since neither side hear each other mythologies [Notes 14], they had to agree his answer or he will be be their opponent which forces solders from both side to compromise towards each other before leaving the scene. [Notes 15]

Drekavac Interest Upon the Black BowEdit

Drekavac and the Bow

Drekavac's interest of the "Bow" (Tigre).

At Thenarider Mansion, Drekavac is visited by Vodyanoy whom he request to find the dragon's corpse that fallen in Molsheim Plains's marsh, which arouses Vodyanoy's curiosity as he asks the fortuneteller about his sudden interest. [Notes 16]. Drekavac simply answers that while he is not worrying the Vanadises, he is intrigued over the "Bow"'s [Notes 17] appearance regards the incident in Molsheim Plains. While Vodyanoy tells the fortuneteller that his job will not easy, Drekavac gives him a bag of gold to Vodyanoy who swallows it whole and accepts his request.

Charon Anquetil Greast, Ganelon's TacticianEdit

Greast's Visit in the Silver Meteor ArmyEdit

Greast and Tigre manga

Tigre's meeting with Greast.

Back at the Orange Plains, the Silver Meteor Army is visited by Greast, Ganelon's entrusted tactician. While he is welcomed "warmly"[Notes 18][10] by Hughes and Tigre, Greast also greets Elen with a morbid admiration as he touches her hands while belittles Tigre as "unfit" to be her partner, much to Elen's disgust. Luckily, Hughes intervenes by informing Greast the upcoming meeting and despite his disappointment[Notes 19][11], the Marquis "apologizes" to Elen before heading to the Commander Camp. The meeting begins where Greast proposes an offer to the Silver Meteor Army to ally itself with Ganelon Faction in order to defeat Thenardier, though Tigre initially finds it as skeptical. To everyone's shock, Greast only informs that the Silver Meteor Army are free to commit atrocities[Notes 20][12] upon Rance after Thenardier's defeat, and warns them that any defiance against Ganelon will face severe consequences[Notes 21]. Regardless, Tigre request Greast to allow him to discuss the situation with his subordinates and allies beforehand and promises that he will give his answer tomorrow, only to be pressured by the Marquis to give an immediate answer since Ganelon doesn't tolerate neutrality. As Tigre rejects the offer as his response, Greast leaves the Silver Meteor Army's camp.

Elen, who still bothered by Greast's eccentric behavior, asks Tigre why did he spare him since she wants to kill him. Tigre and Hughes reply that because of Greast's cunning and wariness, they cannot afford to underestimate him. Suddenly, Lim reports to Elen, Tigre and Hughes that 6,000 strong troops are heading for the Silver Meteor Army's camp, of which Hughes identify as Ganelon Army after hearing Lim's description about the enemy's Golden Unicorn Flag. This immediately leads to an emergency meeting for all the Silver Meteor Army's founders as they discussing their retaliation against their enemy, where Elen and Tigre decide to use a nearby river[Notes 22] and its surroundings [Notes 21]as their plan.

Silver Meteor Army vs Greast ArmyEdit

On the other side, Greast learns from his scout about the mysteriously dried-up river and calls the commanding general to observe the situation, who[Notes 23] proudly reassures that the army will crush their enemies easily, Ganelon then accepts the proposal and further tells him to bring the Elen alive.

Ganelon Army under attacked

Ganelon Army enters the trap.

In the beginning, Ganelon Army crosses over the river and chases after the fleeing Silver Meteor Army who immediately retreats after seeing their enemies. To the general's frustration, however, he learns that Greast himself will not participate this battle and because he authorizes the command to the general, he had to dispatch his 100 soldiers to defend the Marquis while he leading the rest to pursue the retreating enemy. Little do Ganelon Army soldiers realize however that they are being lured into the Wither Woods by the enemy, which consequently led into an ambush by Tigre led ambush unit (via camouflage) who fire a volley of arrows towards them. To recuperate the army's morale in the midst of the chaos, the general orders 500 men to flush out the ambush unit until an arrow shot from Tigre hit his helmet, further stuns the general. Seizing an opportunity to retaliate, Lim orders her unit to pressure an all out attack to the already disorganized Ganelon Army and resulting a 1,500 men casualties from one side, forcing the general and his remaining 4,500 soldiers hastily retreat from the Withered Woods.

As Tigre fires his fire arrow as a signal of the end of the battle, Elen rushes for Tigre and Lim and congratulates for his successful tactics where only thirty men are injured. Gerard praises Zhcted Army's might and claims Tigre's "luck" has causes everyone envious towards him. Elen however warns Gerard to keep his "flattery" in check [Notes 24][13][14] but Tigre tells her to forgive Gerard, much to both Lim's and Elen's dismay. Meanwhile, Greast remain calm even after hearing Ganelon Army's defeat and commands a full withdrawal from Orange Plains[Notes 25][15][16] . At the same time, not only Greast remarks the battle's result will increases Tigre's influence[Notes 25]that might shaken Ganelon's retainers's loyalty and will cause them to defect for the Silver Meteor Army, he also vows to obtain Elen by all means necessary.

Celebration for VictoryEdit

Back at the Silver Meteor Army's camp, a party is held by the soldiers to celebrate their first success until midnight. Whilst thinking that Thenardier and Ganelon are now become his enemy and rival, and being accompanied by a drunken Elen, Tigre is thanking Elen for her giving him a chance to see a world beyond Alsace.

Tigrevurmud Vorn, Brune's "Traitor"Edit

After the celebration for repelling Ganelon troops, Tigre, Rurick and Hughes lead their soldiers to Saunier Village of northern Orange Plains. Upon their arrival at their said destination, Tigre and Hughes attend a meeting with Saunier's elders in order to win their support for Tigre and the Silver Meteor Army. Courtesy to Hughes relationships with the Saunier villagers, the elder council member agrees to support the Silver Meteor Army by becoming its supplier and welcoming them with opened arms. While the others are having fun in 
Tigre met sofy

Tigre's first encounter with Sofy.

Saunier Village, Tigre meanwhile rides his horse to village's outskirts and takes a nap at a nearby riverside. Suddenly, Lunie approaches towards Tigre and causing him falling onto the stream, where he also stumbles a naked Sofy who accidently bumps onto Tigre while chasing after the baby dragon. Elen later appears to find both Sofy and Lunie, only to be annoyed after catching both Sofy pinning Tigre; causing Tigre to be lectured by the girls in his tent.

Nevertheless, Sofy informs everyone (particularly Tigre) regarding a bad news from Nice: Due to Tigre's action for inviting Zhcted and resulted Zion's death, Brune's Prime Minister Pierre Badouin has declared Tigre to be the kingdom's "traitor". Consequently, Tigre's position as Brune's nobleman will be (temporarily) deprived and Alsace itself will be handed over to Brune's control once the civil war is subsided. Tigre is shocked to hear the declaration but Sofy asserts that he should asks Mashas for more details since he is rushing towards Territore as well, much to Tigre and Titta's delight.

Tigre shock traitor

Tigre's reaction over his "treason".

While Tigre is sulking over Brune's decision even feels relief to learn Mashas's safety, Sofy appears from behind and consulting with him while asking the archer about his relationship with Elen. Embarrassed, Tigre replies that  he and Elen are comrade-in-arms and since he indebted Elen's mercy for keeping him alive despite he was her former enemy, he decides to allying him the Silver Wind Vanadis and helping her however he could.[17]

Later that night, Sofy and Elen are walking at the Orange Plains's fields where Elen thanks Sofy for her rare visit but warns that she is not clear from suspicions yet. [Notes 26] [18] Instead of answering her questions, Sofy teases Elen for her "lover affairs" with Tigre and claims he is as adorable as Lunie, much to Elen's denial. Nevertheless, Sofy informs Elen the news of the remaining four Vanadises: Liza of Lebus has recently allied herself with both Ganelon and Thenardier [Notes 26] [19], Valentina of Osterode remained inactive due to her distanced province in Zhcted; Olga of Brest left Zhcted with her Viralt  [Notes 26] ; and finally, Sasha of Legnica was still on her sickbed due to her severe illness. Whilst convincing her friend not to worry about Sasha or Liza too much, Sofy also apologizes for unable to track any news regarding Thenardier's dragons. The conversation continues as Elen asks Sofy about her remark about Tigre, who Sofy replies that while she found him both serious and honest, she is yet to see him sensing noteworthy but finds him intriguing. When Elen tells Sofy that Tigre is solely belongs to her, Sofy teases Elen regarding their romance relationship, something Elen denies due to a contract between the two. Sofy further teases Elen as she requests to "lend" Tigre for her "uses", to which Elen strongly protests.[20]

The following morning, Tigre is shocked to learn from Bertrand that Navarre Knights are marching towards Orange Plains, immediately lead to an emergency meeting with his allies except Sofy. Hughes begins to worry because of Roland, Navarre Knight's leader who is reputed for his [Notes 27] [21][22] formidable power and influences and his leadership of this renowned squadron. Hearing Hughes story prompts Elen to both impresses and fears to her new enemy as she claims the battle could be her biggest challenge. In order to avoid the conflict with the Navarre Knights, Tigre and Hughes dispatch their messengers to reach them out, though the plot later foiled as Navarre Knights's decision remain unchanged.


Aristocrats who opposes in battling against the Navarre Knights

At the same time, four aristocrats(Silver Meteor Army supporters) attempt to discourage Tigre and Hughes from attacking the Navarre Knights and suggest to surrender instead.[Notes 28] [23] [22] Tigre however retorts that even if he surrendered, he doubts the enemy would protect them from both Thenardier's or Ganelon's cruelty since nobody even denounce the Dukes despite their ongoing atrocities. Hughes enforces Tigre's statement by informing everyone that while he understands their fear, he suspects the Navarre Knights's arrival as one of Thenardier's plot to demoralize his enemy.

Silver Meteor Army's First DefeatEdit

Roland meet elen

Elen and Roland in their first encounter.

In the first battle in Orange Plains, Navarre Knights outmatches the Silver Meteor Army when Roland kills most enemies with ease. After ordering Lim to secure the army's rear, Elen fights against the Black Knight herself but even Arifar did little damage against him, though Roland is impressed by her display since he never seen a female warrior who withstands both him and Durandal.[Notes 29] [24] They clash in numerous rounds and even after Roland kills her horse,[Notes 30] [25]Elen continues to fight until Arifal suddenly resonating drastically towards Roland's Durandal. Both Roland and Elen ask their weapons before her cavalry soldiers rush for Elen's aid, only to be slain by Roland afterwards.[Notes 31] [26][27] Before Roland could kill Elen, Tigre interferes their duel and saving Elen by aiming his arrow at the Roland, which prompts the Black Knight turns his attention towards Tigre instead. Miraculously, Tigre narrowly dodges the slash while shooting his arrow to the sky, grabbing Elen and escape from the battlefield. Roland attempt to chase after the escaping foes but fails when the arrow-which Roland assumed to be a "diversion"- shoot to his horse's head[Notes 32] and killing it, further immobilize him.

Injured TIgre Elen

Elen is shocked by Tigre's injury.

Just as the duo barely escape from their pursuers however, Elen is horrified to see Tigre being injured by Durandal's slash. Even worse, Navarre Knights are chasing after the duo from behind while throwing javelins at them, causing both riders to fall onto the ground. Luckily, Sofy makes her timely rescue by creating a light barrier to protect both Elen and Tigre from the javelins throws.[28][29] In her effort to buy Elen and Tigre's escape, Sofy manages to stall the Navarre Knights while briefly fights against Roland who effortlessly breaks her light shield that forces her retreat via her light teleportation. [Notes 33]Even after his soldiers are astonished to see Sofy's unnatural escape, Roland remains unfazed as his insists the chase until a messenger reports Mashas and and his 300 cavalrymen's arrival for Tigre's aid, which forces the Navarre Knights to retreat and postpone the battle.

Elen's Redemption For TigreEdit

Mashas meet Silver Meteor Army

Mashas's first meeting with Elen.

With 800 dead and 1600 injured soldiers as its main casualties, the Silver Meteor Army suffers its first yet catastrophic lost. To make matter worst, Tigre also having fever and he had to be nursed by Titta in a special ward. Elen and Lim are speechless about Tigre's current condition until Mashas visits their camp. Whilst reunites with Hughes and Sofy in the camp, Mashas begins to tell everyone about his horrific discovery in Nice Imperial Palace, from Faron's deteriorating condition to even his first meeting with Sofy after rescuing him from an assassins. Mashas's news over Brune King's deteriorating condition has garners almost everyone's sympathy, specifically Hughes who lamenting over Thenardier's resourcefulness by using Roland to defeat his foe. Lim proposes battle plans-both direct battle and secret to retaliate against Roland, but both Elen and Mashas reject the idea [Notes 34][30][31] due to Roland's tremendous power and the army's lower morale.


Elen holding injured Tigre

After announcing the battle will proceeds on the next day, Elen sees Bertrand talking with Territoire soldiers who she learn as the additional reinforcement to recuperate the Silver Meteor Army's ranks. When Elen asking his permission to see Tigre, Bertrand hesitantly permits her visit under Titta's agreement. Upon entering into Tigre's tent, Elen requests Titta to have a moment with the archer alone which the housemaid relents before informing the Wind Vanadis that Tigre is still undergoing his recovery. Worrying over unconscious Tigre's current condition, Elen put Tigre's hand on her chest in order to have him feel her heartbeat whilst confessing to him that he belongs to her. To repay his heroic deeds and his rescue from Roland, Elen vows to make a redemption for Tigre and swears that she win this battle for his sake. [Notes 35][32][33] After Elen leaves the tent, Titta continues to nurse Tigre until Bertrand urges her to take a break whilst he guarding the ward, where Titta sleep beside at Tigre's bedside.

Whilst Elen is staring at the windy sky at a field[Notes 36][34][35], Sofy approaches and ask her Tigre's condition, to which Elen replies that he is still alive despite the bleeding and she will fight for him throughout his recovery. To Elen surprise, Sofy volunteers herself [Notes 37] [36]in battling against Roland since she claims that two Vanadis should be able in holding off against the Black Knight. Leaving with no other choices, Elen accepts Sofy's assistance and tells her that they will going to their Vedas in defeating Roland, though Sofy advises Elen that even Vanadises are humans before walking away. The war council immediately takes place as Wind Vanadis suggests to use a nearby river as a special trap-which she later leaving it to Hughes-to against the Navarre Knights.

Roland's Desire of Knowing TigreEdit

Roland's decision

Roland's mission to defeat the Silver Meteor Army unchanged.

In Navarre Knights's Commander Camp, Roland asks Olivier regarding any information about Tigre, in which Olivier replies via a three-paged letters from Auguste, Calvados Knights's leader and also Tigre's fellow Alsace resident and acquaintance. According to the letter Olivier reads, Roland learns that Tigre allied himself with Zhcted Army because of Thenardier Army's atrocious invasion towards Alsace. Despite learning Tigre's noble intentions however, Roland insist on the attacking the Silver Meteor Army since he, as far as he knows, still believe Tigre "betrays" Brune for inviting Zhcted into his kingdom's soil.

Second Battle in Orange Plains: Vanadises' Battle Against RolandEdit

Augre's Mud TrapEdit

After the rain, Elen leads a reformed Silver Meteor Army[Notes 17][37] to face Roland and the Navarre Army in Orange Plains, with Sofy and Mashas as her support. Under their tactical formation, the Crescent Moon Formation, Navarre Knights easily topples the Silver Meteor Army again by decimating its enemy's first platoon of soldiers which drives them into a confused state of attacking formation, forcing the Silver Meteor Army to struggle against their enemy.
Augre's Mud Trap

The Mud Pool Trap that halt the Navarre Knights.

When the Silver Meteor Army begins to retreat under Lim's and Mashas's command, Navarre Knights also launching a full scale pursuit onto the retreating enemy, only to be trapped in a pool of mud and fell under the Silver Meteor Army's ambush, losing the first platoon or two thousand of Navarre Knights in process.[Notes 38][38] Despite his army's dire position however, Roland still manages to slay more enemies until he is intervened by Elen and Sofy, who lure him away from the battlefield without other soldiers's interruptions.

Tir Na Fal, the Goddess of Darkness and DeathEdit

Elsewhere, Tigre wakes up from his slumber and sees both Bertrand and Titta crying in relief. As Tigre looks at his bow, he feels his heart pounding out-of-the-blue, synchronizing with the bow. Curious about the Black Bow's resonating reaction, Tigre and Titta sneak out from camp while following the path where the Black Bow glows and lead to their direction. As Tigre keep sustaining his injuries they both continues to be guided by the black bow until it glows and the fog was cleared, revealing the temple of Tir Na Fal.

Possessed Titta

Possessed Titta.

Titta and Tigre are venturing into the Tir Na Fal Temple and just as he asks the goddess about her intention, Tir Na Fal possessing Titta's body in order to perform a trial upon him while on the front line, Silver Meteor Army are struggling against the Navarre Knight's fierce attacks. Armed with the will to protect Alsace and strong protection for Titta, Tigre shoots his charged arrow shot towards Titta but instead of taking her life, the impact destroying her clothes. After being released from the goddess's control whilst the temple is disappearing, a shocked Titta is crying while hugging Tigre. Afterwards, Tigre escorts Titta back to the Silver Meteor Army's main camp while rushes to the battlefield alone for Elen.

Conviction and Dedication to ProtectEdit

Back on the battlefield, both Vanadises fight fiercely against Roland but not even their combined Vedas could put Roland down until Tigre's arrival and fires his arrow as his intervention, which Roland destroys but decides to confront Tigre. However, even after learning the confirmations of Thenardier's attack on Alsace from Tigre, Roland warns Tiger that he will be betrayed by Zhcted should he outlives his usefulness [Notes 39][39], though Tigre replies that he will defend Brune citizens from any invading enemies, even if one of them includes Zhcted. In order to have Roland to witness Tigre's conviction, Elen personally invites Roland in defeating both Thenardier and Ganelon but Roland declines as he- as Faron's loyal and trusted knight- while not supporting Thenardier's personal grudges, he also cannot afford to spare a renegade "traitor" like Tigre, all for the sake of Brune and his fellow citizens.

Tigre vs Roland

Roland and Tigre face off.

As a demonstration and warning to Roland, Tigre fires a charged arrow to the ground which generate a giant hole, prompting the Black Knight views it as a challenge as he holds the Durandal with two hands[Notes 40], readily for the next arrow shot at him. Feeling drowsy for overusing the Black Bow's power and his reopening wound, Tigre is supported by Elen and Sofy who are worry about him and witnessing the Black Bow absorbing their Viralt's power in order to create a charging arrow shot. When the second charged arrow is fired with incredible feat of velocity and power, Roland uses his Durandal to deflect it and through a collision, the arrow is surprisingly being nullified and deflected by Durandal's powers.

In a sudden twist however, Roland admits his defeat as his arms are becoming numbed from the collision's impact. Realizing Tigre's resolution and will are even stronger than his own conviction[40], Roland surrenders to the enemy while Tigre passes out before being dragged by Elen and Sofy to an open plains.[Notes 41][41][42]Therefore, the Silver Meteor Army is victorious over the Navarre Knights.[Notes 42][43].

Roland's Fall and DeathEdit


Roland prior his departure to Nice.

After his surrender, Roland asks Tigre about his next plan which Tigre replies that he and his army will be marching for Nemetacum. Upon hearing the Alsace Earl's decision, Roland informs the Silver Meteor Army's generals that he will be going to Nice Imperial Palace again for the King. Despite Mashas's and Tigre's warning about Faron's real condition and the Dukes's plans in eliminating him, Roland replies that he, as Brune's honorable and gallant knight, it is his responsibility to rectify Brune's mistakes. As his proof of his acknowledgement towards Tigre's valor and justice, as well a sign of the alliance between both armies, Roland entrusts his Durandal to Tigre and ensures them that Brune's other ministers would not retaliate against the Silver Meteor Army. [Notes 43][44]. Realizing Roland's noble intent, Tigre tells Roland that he will be waiting for his good news. After Roland's departure for Nice, the Navarre Knights also withdraw for Brune's western font to fortify its defense.

Ten days have passed since his departure from Orange Plains, Roland returns to Nice Royal Palace in order to see Faron for an audience, only to be escorted by Ganelon into an empty room, of which Roland realizes as a trap but unable to escape because the door is strongly enforced by soldiers from the other side.
Roland's death

Roland's death by the bees.

Away from the room, Ganelon informs Roland that because of his failure to kill the "rebels", he introduces the Bee Room [Notes 44] as the Black Knight's "execution" before bids his final farewell to Brune's mightiest hero, resulting Roland's death via bee stings while remains standing. Thenardier confronts Ganelon over the incident and berates for murdered Brune's western borders' only hope to repel Sachstein and Asvarre.[Notes 45]. Ganelon instead laughs and asks Thenardier if there were any methods in killing the Black Knight, much to Thenardier's shock with deep silence.

Elen's Departure for LegnicaEdit

Meanwhile in Orange Plains, Elen receives a letter from Legnica messenger in a silent tone. During their horse ride, Elen informs Tigre that she need to return for Zhcted as fast as possible, much to Tigre's surprise. As Tigre readily to listen her reason, the Silver Wind Vanadis reveals the truth: Her long time senior-figured friend, Alexandra Alshavin was in trouble [Notes 46] when her territory was under attack by another Vanadis, and she needed her help immediately.
Temporarily Departure

Tigre watches Leitmeritz Army's departure.

Nonetheless, Tigre permits Elen's return for Zhcted since Sasha is her important friend, further moved Elen. With Elen and Leitmeritz Army departure for Legnica while Sofy returns to Zhcted, only Rurick and the remaining 2,000 soldiers stay behind to support Tigre. [Notes 47] [45] To Tigre's shock however, bad news about Roland's sudden death immediately reaches to the Silver Meteor Army's camp. At the same time, somewhere from south-eastern Brune, Muozinel Army has already mobilizing its 20,000 strong army for its invasion, and spring is around the corner.

Light Novel, Manga and Anime DifferencesEdit


  1. In the manga version, Roland's brutality against the Silver Meteor Army was more explicit than the anime counterpart.
  2. The meeting between Tigre, Hughes and the other four aristocrats were removed from Manga adaptation's 22nd chapter[46].
  3. In the Manga's 27th chapter, which is not found in either Light Novel or Anime counterparts, Tigre briefly appears in the battlefield and kills several Navarre Knights whilst finding the Vanadises. [47]


  1. Unlike Light Novel or Manga counterpart, the anime series omits Greast. Therefore, his battle against the Silver Meteor Army in Orange Plains did not happened.
  2. Sofy's light barrier is larger and enable to move than the Light Novel Counter part.
  3. Ganelon introducing the Bee Room without calling Greast's name.

Notable EventEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Even though neither Ganelon nor Tigre meet each other physically, Tigre learns Ganelon's true nature via Greast and even considers him just as cruel as Thenardier. From Ganelon's perspective, he views Tigre as a perfect pawn to destroy Thenarider and Rance despite his failure in manipulating the archer to do his bidding. Eventually, Tigre's victory against Greast would lead an indirect feud between the two nobles where one-sided from Ganelon yearned to obtain Tigre and his Black Bow, especially after his ongoing success in defeating Navarre Knights, preventing Mouzinel Army's invasion or Army or having princess Regin at his side.[48]
  • Drekavac's interest upon Tigre and the Black Bow grows since Zion's death in Molsheim Plains, and his identity is revealed as a demon in disguise. Due to his discovery via a dragon's corpse, he and his fellow demons (Vodyanoy, Torbalan and Baba Yaga) would hunt Tigre and the Black Bow throughout his adventures whilst attempting to eliminate the Vanadises along the way.
  • Ironically, Ganelon Army's defeat earned Greast's impression towards his enemy's tactics and further driven his desire to obtain Elen regardless her loathe against him. The Marquis's morbid obsession towards Elen would eventually displayed in a sadistic turn in Arc Three's [49] third arc[50].
  • Faron's condition since Regnas's "death" worsen day to day as he was playing blocks at his chamber most of times. The only peers who knew this truth were Badouin and Mashas.
  • Until his death by Ganelon's schemes, Roland achieves many accomplishments that beyond anyone's imagination. However, his last battle bring significance to this arc and the series. Among those events are,
    • Combined with his superhuman strength and Durandal's ungodly powers[Notes 48][51], Roland was one of few warriors strong enough to fight against the Vanadises head on. To date, Roland was the first and only human warrior who fought ferociously against the Vanadises and even withstood their powerful Vedas. He is also the first warrior to corner two Vanadises single-handedly on a battle.
    • Before his second battle against the Silver Meteor Army, Roland entrusted the Navarre Knights future to Olivier. Considered this as Roland's will, this decision would foretelling Olivier's leadership of the Navarre Knights under Queen Regin's reign.
    • His undefeated streak for defeating Silver Meteor Army in First Battle of Orange Plains is the last undefeated streak before he surrenders to Tigre ever since Roland services as a Knight, in which includes Navarre Knights after he takes command.
  • The Black Bow's origins and it's relevance to House Vorn is briefly revealed by Tir Na Fal. According to the Goddess of Death, the first user once used the bow with full force to attack a castle, with his life as his price as he worn out by extreme exhaustion[52][53]. Tigre's appearance alone reminds her to that very person who used the same weapon, indicating him as Tigre's possible ancestor.
    • Although the mystery was uncleared yet regarding to Sofy's investigation of Tigre's origin. It is possible the Black Bow has the same lore at Zhcted as it was similar to the lore King of Magic Bullet.[54]
  • Roland's death has devastated anyone who recognize him as one of Brune's few noble and gallant heroes. Additionally, his death also put Brune in steep jeopardy and inviting unwanted consequences,
    • Navarre Knights which was leaded by Olivier returned to the western border to fortify their defenses again and resuming their duty to defend Brune from Sachstein's attack.
    • Thenardier is disappointed to learn Roland's death since he deems him still has some uses, especially fortifying Brune's western boarders defense. His expression about his fellow Brune knights death further elaborate his patriotism to Brune despite his vile ambitions to overthrow Faron. As his plans to rid Tigre were failing, he had to kill Tigre by himself while fortifying Brune's eastern defense against Muozinel.
    • Tigre is deeply devastated for not only unable to return Durandal to the original owner[55], he also lost his only chance to prove his innocence. With Durandal in his hands however, Tigre is untouchable by any opposition in Brune.
    • Unlike Thenardier and Tigre, Ganelon care less about the consequences of his actions. To him, Roland's death merely acts as his sadistic amusement while his real goal is to obtain the Durandal without Roland, even though Durandal is under Tigre's possession. This instantly breaks Ganelon's brief alliance with Thenardier and the three-way war for Brune continues.
    • Muozinel Army would launch a full scale invasion towards Brune with 50,000 strong army under Kureys's command, with Agnes as its target. Due to the Muozinel Army's infamous reputation of its ruthlessness, Agnes would be fallen where its villages will be plundered and citizens captured as slaves. This massive invasion prompts Thenardier to postpone his war against Tigre and Ganelon while repelling the southern invaders. In a twist of irony however, Tigre (the "traitor") will lead the Silver Meteor Army to repel their invasive enemy without Elen and the Leitmeritz Army, who later depart to to save Sasha from a Vanadis's invasion upon Legnica.
    • Sachstein would attempt launch a massive invasion upon Brune via its western and southern territory two years after Roland's demise.[56]
  • With Elen and Leitmeritz Army's (except Rurick) departure for Legnica, Tigre must handle Silver Meteor Army by his own while Rurick and Gerard remain as accompanying him. However, Elen bringing around two to three thousand Zhcted soldiers back to Leitmeritz in order to protect Legnica, leaving the remaining 1,000 Zhcted soldiers for the Silver Meteor Army, which gives Tigre a huge disadvantage when news about Muozinel Army's invasion comes to him. The battle also Tigre's first debut as the army's commander without Elen as co-commander.


  • Despite his vital role in both light novel and manga counterparts,  Greast did not appeared in the anime version of this arc.


  1. Sachstein Army made many attempts to invade Brune prior 5-6 years ago even before Brune's Civil War. Despite defeated in numerous times, Sachstein's invasion continues.
  2. That "truce" was actually Thenardier and Ganelon's scheme to lure Roland for Brune. While Roland went to Nice for Faron before he battled against Tigre, Thenardier told him instead that the Duke himself would try to fight off against Sachstein while Roland would proceed to slay the "rebel".
  3. According to Sasha, Vanadis required to control her will to yield the Viralt. If she constantly relying the Viralt's power too much, she will be mentally weak and even her skill will be dull.
  4. Even elected as Leitmeritz's new Vanadis, Elen actually felt unease over her position as she constantly asked herself if she was worthy to yield Arifar despite her reassurances.
  5. According to Titta, despite everyone in Brune (except Alsace residents) belittled Tigre they didn't show any hostility towards Tigre.
  6. The only reason Badouin allowed Mashas to peek Faron was out of their longtime friendship.
  7. According to Badouin, having the civil ministers or other retainers like himself to stop the Dukes's (or their associates or even family members) atrocities could only worsen Brune already chaotic state despite knew their notoriety; moreover, summoning the knights to deal with Brune's civil turmoil could only inviting unwanted invasions from foreign kingdoms. Therefore, the only solution was to maintain neutral.
  8. In the argument between both ministers, Mashas believed that Tigre employed Elen and Zhcted Army to defend Alsace since Brune ignored the incident, especially since Brune was unable in rescuing Alsace; Badouin however was skeptical towards Tigre's action since he doubted Zhcted could be anything but different and he also didn't wished to risk receiving unwanted consequences.
  9. For Sofy, her reason being Brune in the midst of the Civil War was under King Viktor's orders, only to be rejected under the same reason as Mashas's.
  10. Even under the leadership of Tigre and Elen, the initial formation of the Silver Meteor Army was disorganized due to a volatile relationship between Brune's and Zhcted's soldiers. In order to be an effective leader, Tigre has to unite the soldiers by his own hands.
  11. Bayard is a legendary name of a red horse which rumored to be King Charles's war horse, thus represents Brune; Zirnitra on the other hand is a name of a legendary dragon which Zhcted's Black Dragon King's self-proclaimed incarnation, representing Zhcted. Regardless their differences, both Bayard and Zirnitra were idols to both Brune's and Zhcted's mythologies respectively.
  12. Bayard was a legendary name of a red horse which rumored to be King Charles's war horse, thus represents Brune; Zirnitra on the other hand was a name of a legendary dragon which rumored to be Zhcted's Black Dragon King's self-proclaimed incarnation, representing Zhcted. Regardless their differences, both Bayard and Zirnitra were idols to both Brune's and Zhcted's mythologies respectively.
  13. The arrow that Tigre shot was a special arrow that was given by Hughes as a gift which blows a whistle if it shot in the sky.
  14. As a Brune citizen, Tigre was familiar to his home kingdom's mythologies including the legendary Bayard. Tigre only learn the legends of Zirnitra from Lim.
  15. As the punishment for their argument over trivial matters, neither praise nor scoldings were given by Tigre.
  16. The dragon Drekavac mentioned was the same dragon that was killed by Tigre and Elen, and also the one which Zion mounted to escape before his tragic death.
  17. 17.0 17.1 The Bow whom Drekavac and the demons refers to are Tigre or the users of the Black Bow.
  18. Before his arrival to the Silver Meteor Army's camp, Greast have dispatched his messenger to meet Tigre in order to see him. Hughes however was shocked to hear (Greast's) name due to his antagonism against the Marquis, mostly because of his eccentric yet mysterious personality under Ganelon's wings. His involvement in Ganelon's supposed attack onto Alsace immediately prompted Tigre to be wary towards Greast.
  19. The only reason Greast visited the Silver Meteor Army camp in the first place was to see Elen after hearing her reputation in destroying Brune Army in merely one night at the Dinant Plains. For this reason, Greast was infuriated with Tigre's and Hughes's presence but changed his mood solely to Elen herself, citing his twisted obsession for the Wind Vanadis. This quickly raised Elen's antagonism against the Marquis.
  20. According to Greast, atrocities have been practiced by victors across the continent in order to subjugate an enemy territory, something both Tigre and Elen deemed vile and detestable ever since the incident that also happened in Alsace a month ago.. Furthermore, as if the context itself wasn't disturbing enough, Greast also mentioned that the surrendered enemy will never to be mentioned and the Silver Meteor Army will going to commit atrocities to other places solely for Ganelon's name,, opted Tigre to learn Ganelon's malevolent nature.
  21. 21.0 21.1 The deal for this alliance between Silver Meteor Army and House Ganelon was that should the new army accept the offer, they will (supposedly) be given supplies to their camp. It later revealed that two months ago before Greast's visit to the Silver Meteor Army's camp however, Ganelon did attempted to manipulate Tigre by telling Greast to destroy Alsace even after the young Earl submit himself to the Duke.
  22. Even as the river where the Silver Meteor Army played a huge role in defeating the invading Ganelon Army, it not without its drawback. Ganelon Army will split in division in order to get near to the Silver Meteor Army's camp even if the main force did not advance towards the river in both streams. Moreover, since this is the first war as a small Brune-Zhcted army, the commanders would not risking losing casualties on the first war.
  23. Being one of Ganelon's relative, the general claims that he has no problem in crushing the enemy due to the enemy's supposed environmental disadvantages, which Greast's cited as incompetent due to the general's overconfidence and arrogance. Even as the Ganelon Army's temporary commander, Greast himself did not fully participate the battle as he watched the battle from his carriage, since he already anticipated Ganelon Army's defeat.
  24. The only reason for Elen said this to Gerard was because she suspected that the Viscount's son was disrespecting Tigre, just like other Brune aristocrats. Tigre however didn't find Gerard cynical even with his sarcastic remark out of his respects towards Hughes. His forgiveness however brought critisim by even Lim and Elen as they believed that Tigre was too carefree in knowing his peers.
  25. 25.0 25.1 Greast was originally sentencing the general to wear one of his torture device the Dancing Mask, which turned out to be a cynical joke. As the general plea to propose for another attack, Greast explained that because of the horrendous defeat from the first battle, Ganelon Army will face annihilation should they proceed to attack the Silver Meteor Army.
  26. 26.0 26.1 26.2 Due to the fact about Sofy's position as Zhcted's messenger, it would be extremely dangerous for her to meet Elen especially during the war.
  27. Roland's renowned fame and glory as Brune's strongest knight garnered all Brune citizen's respect, including Tigre. According to Hughes, Roland took his knighthood's trial at his age of 13 and due to his incredible strength, he defeated almost his fellow candidates in the arena. Since that day, he possessing an undefeated streak.
  28. According to one of the aristocrats, their reason to help the Silver Meteor Army was to supposedly combat Thenardier, not the Navarre Knights. Additionally, due to the fact that the Navarre Knights are Faron's best knight squadron, fighting against them would be considered as revolting against the king and even Brune.
  29. According to his experience, most enemies like Asvarre Army and Sachstein Army would attack him in groups and due to his unusual power, they were easily defeated. Elen was his first female warrior he ever faced in his battle.
  30. Elen's horse did not killed in the anime counterpart.
  31. Elen told her cavalry soldiers to stay away, but her warning came too late as Roland decapitated all ten riders without inflicting injuries.
  32. In the aftermath of their first battle, Roland and the Navarre Knights were once investigate the horse's corpse that was shot by Tigre before, which Olivier believed to bring bad omen. Roland however did not believe in Olivier's superstitions while being impressed Tigre's credibility in battle.
  33. In the anime counterpart, Zaht was the Viralt to resonating towards Durandal instead of Arifar. Additionally, Sofy only retreated once Elen and Tigre managed to rendezvous with the Silver Meteor Army. Unlike both Light Novel and Manga's counterpart, Roland was somewhat astonished to see Sofy's teleportation.
  34. The reasons for Elen and Mashas opposition against attacking Roland were justified: Elen strongly objected the idea due to her own grizzly experience in fighting against Roland while witnessing her cavalry soldier's death. Mashas, who also heard rumors about Roland reputation, claimed that any traps against the Black Knight were useless due to his intuition to detect traps and avoid them with ease, something that even the Sachstein Army learned Roland's ability the hard way.
  35. In order to prevent the Silver Meteor Army from falling apart, Elen once asked an unconscious Tigre's permission to lead his army while promising him that she will protect Alsace soldiers along the way. Tigre's twitching hands indicating that he approved Elen's leadership of the Coalition Army.
  36. Before the battle against Navarre Knights, Tigre once predicted that there will be raining in Orange Plains, something which Arifar's light blinking as confirmation. Juts as the war council between the Silver Meteor Army's general could begin, it already started to rain and it would play a bigger vital role for the Silver Meteor Army's victory over the Navarre Knights.
  37. Because of her position as both ambassador on Zhcted's behalf, Sofy rarely participated any battlefield by no circumstance, even if she eventually caught up in the situation.
  38. In the earlier war council from yesterday, Elen once tells her allies that there will be raining in a moment, which it did after the war council is about to concluded. Lim once even believed that the Navarre Knights's shortcomings were because of their heavy equipment, which lower their mobility during the rain; Hughes even cited that even under Roland's leadership, no knights were capable as their leader whenever they were under attack from behind.
  39. To Roland, anyone who stepped into Brune without Faron's permission, regardless their intention, are considered as unwelcome intruders. Also, due to the hostility between Zhcted and Brune Roland also suspected Zhcted's ulterior ambition for invading Brune, even using Tigre to do to so.
  40. To Elen's speculation, who has been battling against Roland, she deemed the Black Knight was now using a full force.
  41. Prior the aftermath, Sofy was so impressed Tigre's performance that she wished to borrow him for a while, which Elen strongly protested. Just as Tigre complimented over her scent, Elen became so embarrassed as she wished Tigre to shut it, further indicating their growing bond.
  42. Even after the defeat, some of the Navarre Knights even requested Roland for a rematch in order to avenge their fallen comrades. However, Roland declined out of his sense of honor.
  43. Even with Roland's assurances, some people were still suspicious towards the fresh alliance between two armies: Elen was briefly dubious about the alliance and try to make sure the Navarre Knights would not turn against the Silver Meteor Army; Oliver, despite being the one who enforcing Roland's answers, wasn't really bright about Roland's decision as he deemed the alliance was merely a "business proposal".
  44. Another one of Greast's sadistic torture method. In the anime episode, Ganelon further elaborate that the venom of these swarms of bees could kill even an adult lion. Additionally, it is also known as the Wasp Trap in the Manga's 29th Chapter
  45. Roland was crucial for Brune's western defense against its western rivals such as Sachstein and Asvarre. With Roland's death, the chances of these two kingdom's possible invasion upon Brune are very high. Thenardier's statement was accurately predicted the two kingdom's unexpected yet short-lived alliance in Arc Three's Melisande's Uprising Arc where Asvarre commander, Tallard Graham, betrayed Sachstein after his secret meeting with Tigre.
  46. Elen and Sasha were sworn to protect each other. Even when the Fire Vanadis suffering an irreversible illness, Sasha's Viralt refused to abandon her.
  47. According to Rurick, Brune's winter was warmer than Zhcted's counterpart due to a fact that his balded head was unable to withstand cold.
  48. According to Drekavac, Durandal is the only weapon that is capable to nullify Vanadis's Viralts and even break their Vedas.


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