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Lord Marksman Arc
Part of Arc Three

Location Zhcted
Side Tigre and Vanadis;Ganelon
Black Dragon Army; Valentina Army
Media Duration
Light Novel Volumes Volume 17(Part 2)
Volume 18
Light Novel Chronology
Zhcted Crisis Arc ←Lord Marksman Arc→ N/A

Lord Marksman Arc is the sixth and last story arc of Arc Three from Madan no Ou to Vanadis series. While Zhcted Civil War is still ongoing due to Tina's successful takeover onto Silesia, Ganelon meanwhile is plotting on summoning Tir Na Fal so he can absorb her powers while feuding with Tigre whose Black Bow is connected with the King of the Magic Bullet. To stop Ganelon's sinister ploy and quelling the civil war that is started by Tina, Tigre and his allies must defeat both Ganelon and Tina so they can bring peace back to Zhcted. It is also the last story arc of the original series.


The Truth of the King of the Magic Bullet MythEdit

Prior to his departure from Silesia, Tigre met Sofy at a nearby inn where she revealed the truth of the King of the Magic Bullet, which reminded him about Lim's own words from Molsheim Plains. Feeling uneasy, Sofy described her discovery onto the lore and suspecting Tigre as the King of the Magic Bullet. Despite his shock, Tigre continued to hear Sofy's explanation about Tir Na Fal that led to the Demon's sinister ambitions. Sofy further elaborated the lore by describing a goddesses named Zorya who seemly shared some similarities with Tir Na Fal herself, including the paths of either Hero or Demon King. Tigre however declared that he would never become the Demon King, much to Sofy's relief while teased him to take her going somewhere once Zhcted's civil war is over.


Sinister Purple SkiesEdit

The next day, combat medics are checking onto Lebus soldiers' but fails to find any symptoms, rendering Lebus Army vulnerable. To make matters worse, Leitmeritz Army is also infected as its first 100 soldiers are vomiting, forcing Leitmeritz-Lebus Army to leave Boroszlo Plains and camps elsewhere. Liza and Olga then visit Elen and Lim in regards of the latter's burned injury by Bargren's flames. The Vanadises then learn a place named Zagan via Lim's explanation about her dream of meeting the shadows of Sasha and Fine who told her the same place. Whichever it is, this leads the girls to conclude that Lim's dream may indicating Tigre's impending danger. So after she placing Rurick to take charge for the weaken armies, all four girls (Elen, Lim, Liza and Olga) then rushing their way for Zagan and save Tigre.

Meanwhile, Tigre, while taking his break, is accompanied by two villagers by the name David and Rena on his hunting trip. During their return from his hunting trip however, they are witnessing something sinister have invading the village which later revealed to be demons. To save many villagers as possible, Tigre had to fend off the demons and aiding their evacuation. Unfortunately, David and Rena are killed during the chaos. The following morning, Tigre gives both David and Rena a burial and leaves the village by borrowing the horse from the elder and continuing his journey to Zagan. On his way, he mutters that he will never forgives Ganelon for the atrocities he committed.  

Elsewhere, having defeated the invading Muozinel Army and traitors, Polesia-Olmutz Army are planning on marching back to Silesia. Sofy and Mila are also shocked to see the purple sky which opting the Light Vanadis assumes that this phenomenal is related with Tir Na Fa. To make matters more complicated, both Vanadis receives a report from a messenger about the fall of Silesia, forcing Polesia-Olmutz to rendezvous with Leitmeritz Army instead. During their journey, Sofy and Mila also encounter Titta. Gaspar, Gerard and Damad who made their escape from the capital city[Notes 1][Notes 2]. Titta then declares her resolve to meet Tir Na Fal while revealing the location to be northwest[Notes 3]. Believing that said location to be significant, Mila decides to follow Titta with Sofy without their troops. Gaspar and Damad also going to tag along while Gerard chooses to stay with Polesia-Olmutz Army. With that, the group of five rush for the northwest direction to find Tigre.

Even Silesia is not safe as the capital is plagued by the same outbreak that causing all citizens to fall severely sick, resulting panic and chaos from within. As the mysterious outbreak worsen, Silesia's security is tighten with most patrol soldiers adding barricades [Notes 4] across the capital; the citizens including high ranking officers (Miron is among these people) meanwhile, in order to survive the outbreak, they have to buy several anti-magic items [Notes 5], seeking priests and gypsies and visiting churches and pray that this phenomenal will disappear.

Revisiting Saint-Groel and a Hidden StairsEdit

At Brune, Regin, accompanied by Mashas and Badouin alongside with Claude and Serena, revisits Saint-Groel after reading one report Lutetia's governor regarding their discovery of a hidden staircases during their clean up since fallout Demon's invasion incident.

Tir Na Fal's DescentEdit

Back to Tigre, he finally reaches Zagan and confronts Ganelon who welcomes his arrival. When Tigre asks him about Tir Na Fal and his goal, Ganelon not only explaining her true form but belittling both her Human Form and Demon Form, he also revealing his ambition in absorbing her powers while tempting[Notes 6] Tigre by mentioning Tir Na Fal's powers of resurrecting the dead, including his parents and Bertrand. For the sake of those he cherished however, Tigre rejects Ganelon's temptation[Notes 7] as he retorts the former Duke has no place to talk about the dead. Nevertheless, Ganelon is impressed to hear Tigre's conviction but, in order to test his enemy's "endurance" before the ritual, he provokes Tigre by mentioning the Saint-Groel Incident while revealing himself as its' perpetrator; which makes Tigre so furious he immediately cut off Ganelon's speech by firing Charged Arrow Shot at him but the attack misses, though he eventually calms down[Notes 8].

Intrigued by Tigre's "power", Ganelon smirks and extends his tongue that crushes Tigre's arrow as a display of his power that is resulted from his absorption of Vodyanoy, much to Tigre's shock. The duel begins as Ganelon shoots his fireball which Tigre retaliates via his Charged Arrow Shot, though the fireball scatters and Ganelon using them as a distraction to attack Tigre; only to be hit by the Charged Arrow Shot that penetrates through the fireball. Still, Ganelon is unscratched from the attack and mocking Tigre's skill but willing to test their respective skills and transforms into an hideous being [Notes 9]; all the while gloating his powers and equipping Durandal. As Tigre is appalled to see Durandal in his hands, Ganelon nonchalantly replies that he needs to "borrowed" it to test it. Tigre then fires hos third Charged Arrow Shot at Ganelon only to be shocked to see Durandal completely nullifying the attack. With Ganelon charging at him and swinging the Durandal, all Tigre could do is just dodging but unable to aim his next shot. Muttering his "impression" towards Tigre's tenacity despite his weakness, Ganelon opts to cut off one of Tigre's arm before any things getting "complicated" before the ritual is complete.

Suddenly, Ganelon is intercepted by Muma's attack that forcing him to protect himself with Durandal. To their surprise, that attack comes from Olga who arrives just in time to rescue Tigre. Believing Olga's isn't alone, Ganelon mocks the Earth Vanadis about the Horseman Tribe's stagnation only to hear her retort about him being unworthy. The duel between Ganelon and Olga ensues where Muma manage to block Durandal's attack that excites Ganelon. Tigre meanwhile tries to find an opening and as he calls her name, Olga immediately dodges whilst aiming at Ganelon's feet and smashes them. Ganelon however dodges Muma's attack until he sees an arrow flying towards him in mid-air and retaliate by shooting acid saliva that melts that arrow shot. Due to the failure, Olga forces to step back only to clash with a falling Durandal before Tigre grabs her in time. With her left arm wounded from Durandal's attack, Olga wonders if Ganelon is a Demon but the former Duke persists himself as a "human" while gloating his powers. However, reinforcements (3 Vanadises, Lim, Titta, Gaspar and Damad) finally arrive with Elen retorts to Ganelon by mocking him as a "monster-eating human", as well as Mila's threats of crushing him with Lavias.

Despite being outnumbered 1 against 9, Ganelon laughs maniacally as the ritual has finally completed; to make things worse, Tigre is possessed [Notes 10]by Tir Na Fal (Demon) that causes him turn against his allies. As the Goddess attacks, Sofy quickly uses Zaht's Falvarna to protect everyone behind her only to witness the Goddess shots the arrow that is intercepted by the combined Vedas of the first three Vanadises (Elen, Mila and Liza)[Notes 11]. As the result of the Goddess's awakening, entire Zagan is shaken by a massive earthquake which prompts Mila tell Lim to evacuate along with Titta, Gaspar and Damad while she and her fellow Vanadises stay behind and fight (possessed) Tigre.

(Possessed) Tigre then charges towards Sofy but he is intercepted by Olga, who's is then blown away along with Muma by his Black Bow Arm after being distracted by her hesitation; further breaking her left arm. Whilst Sofy rushes for Olga's side, Liza and Mila are fighting against the (possessed) Tigre but he blocks their Viralt while aiming his arrow at Elen, though his attacks is foiled as Elen kicks his head and rescues her comrades and rendezvous with Sofy and Olga. Even after witnessing the Goddess's horrific power, the Vanadises fight on with Sofy attacks (possessed) Tigre with Muteirasv. As (possessed) Tigre is blinded by one light ball, Mila thrusts Lavias at him but he deflects and grabs it instead; even Mila freezes his left hand she is unable to escape as she is smacked by (possessed) Tigre in return. Elen and Liza then attack (possessed) Tigre from both sides but both Arifar and Valitsaif are deflected by his left fist, forcing both Vanadis to retreat along with an injured Mila who then curses the Goddess's power.

Regardless their disadvantage, Elen vows to save Tigre but the Vanadises against this as they fear that it will kill Tigre instead, though they eventually follow her plan when Mila opts to join Elen despite her earlier skepticism. All Vanadises engage against (possessed) Tigre and even as he blocks them all, they refuse to give in as Elen, Sofy and Olga attack him with their combined Veda first, then Mila uses Cielo Zam Kafa to freeze him again. (Possessed) Tigre, however, roars that blows Mila away in spite his Black Bow Arm is severely frozen. Elen tries to snap Tigre back to his senses but, to the Vanadises' surprise, Ganelon whispers his "congratulations" to them and going to absorb the Goddess's powers. Unwilling to take any chances, Sofy and Liza impatiently attack Ganelon but their Veda are being absorbed by the fog that is created by Ganelon; Ganelon meanwhile ambushing (possessed) Tigre by using the Durandal to stab Tigre, which causing a weaken Tigre to unleash flows of Goddess' power from his body; allowing Ganelon to absorb the power until he transforms into a gigantic monster and tossing an already weaken Tigre aside, much to the Vanadises' shock but then rushing for him anyway.

Ganelon's Defeat and DeathEdit

After witnessing a past between Ganelon and King Charles via his subconsciousness, Tigre is carried by Elen and Mila and rendezvous with everyone who are relief to see him alive despite his weaken state. Later, everyone is shocked to witness Ganelon's gigantic form who still holding the Durandal whilst gloating Tir Na Fal's powers and "testing" his ungodly powers by creating a storm that scatters the humans. As Ganelon later generates a hordes of monsters to attack his puny enemies, the Vanadises pressing on by slaying the hordes and heading for Ganelon; while Tigre is left helplessly watching this battle that reminds him of his duel against Baba Yaga.


Lim's ascension as the Vanadis of Legnica.

Leaving Tigre under Titta's care, Lim joins the battle alongside Gaspar and Damad but even they are struggling against the monster horde. Whilst Lim is helplessly watching the Vanadises' battle against Ganelon, her long sword is broken during the battle but barely alive due to the rescue from Gaspar and Damad. Fallen into despair, all Lim could do is to cry for help until she sees Bargren emitting their ember that prompts her begging them to borrow the powers from Sasha and Fine. As Bargren's fire surround her, Lim is unceremoniously becoming the new Vanadis and immediately using Plum-Oak to burn the monster horde that nearly overwhelm Gaspar and Damad. Leaving Tigre and Titta to Gaspar and Damad, Lim then heading towards the Vanadises while slaying more demon horde along the way. As Elen is relief to see Lim, the remaining 4 are dumbfounded as they see Lim's new attire as a Vanadis. Ganelon however is annoyed to see the new "nuisance" but still belittling all 6 Vanadises while bragging an inevitable doom. Despite their disadvantages, all 6 Vanadises views him as an enemy and vow to defeat him for sake of Zhcted.

Mila and Liza first attack Ganelon but their Vedas are nullified by his blizzard while he attacks Olga with Durandal that causing the injured Earth Vanadis to cry in agony, even though she barely blocks the attack. Ganelon then creates the sea of fire at the Vanadises but all 6 of them barely deflect them at the cost of their depleting stamina. Leaving Olga under Sofy's care, Elen and Lim then clash with Ganelon and even Elen is deflected by Durandal, Lim manages to blind Ganelon with her fire. In their harrowing battle, the teamwork and strategies from Mila, Lisa and Elen somehow weakening Ganelon without contacting the Durandal while cutting off Ganelon's right hand; separating the Durandal from Ganelon. Ganelon however smirks as his arm regrows itself while mocking the Vanadises's futility of their struggle.

Vol17-LN-Titta-Possessed-By-Tir Na Fal

Titta being possessed by Tir Na Fal (Human).

The battle however is interrupted Titta-under (Human) Tir Na Fal's possession-who disagrees with Ganelon's mockery, much to the Vanadises astonishment to see her sudden change of appearance and personality. Displeased to see her, Ganelon commands his demon horde to attack (possessed) Titta but all of them are eradicated. Elen then asks her if she is the true Goddess of Death to which the entity replies that she came because she answered Titta's pray to save everyone. Even hearing Ganelon mockery about her using a human as her vessel and desiring in devouring her as well, (possessed) Titta retorts that while she isn't planing to join the battle but proclaiming herself as the "7th person's" replacement[Notes 12]. To the shock from everyone including Ganelon, they see Tigre-being carried by Gaspar and Damad because he is still injured from Ganelon's absorption of (Demon) Tir Na Fal's power- arrives while holding both the Black Bow and an arrow and glaring at the gigantic demon, prompting Ganelon opts to obliterate everyone and denying Tigre as the hero.


Elen supports Tigre for the Aurora Arrow

Under the protection from the 6 Vanadis and (possessed) Titta, as well as the support from Gaspar and Damad, Tigre barely holds his grip but willing to pull the Black Bow's notch so he can borrow its power to defeat Ganelon. Even after absorbing all 6 Viralt's elemental power that creating a rainbow-colored energy surge (dubbed as the Aurora Arrow), the Black Bow is nearly cracking and Tigre himself can't even stabilize his shot. Elen however walks towards Tigre and helps him to stabilize his stance while aiming the Aurora Arrow at Ganelon. To protect himself, Ganelon using his hands to generate a barrier and despite the Aurora Arrow instantly shatters the barrier, he remains unscratched. Still, Tigre manages to create another Aurora Arrow and this time it penetrates through Ganelon's forehead, severely wounding him. After seeing King Charles' ghost while being denigrated by the aurora light, Ganelon is defeated at last and his demise has reverts the purple skies back to normal.

Viralts Fossilization and Next PlanEdit

Later, Tir Na Fal bids everyone's farewell for her departure to the heavens. As Tigre silently mutters his thanks to the departing goddess, the Vanadises witnessing the fossilization of their Viralts (except Bargren who immediately disappears without being fossilized) that rendering them into ordinary women. Tigre then explains to everyone that before her departure, Tir Na Fal revealed the Viralts will be depowered for 7 months. Despite their frustration, the Vanadises forgive Tigre as they willing to accept the price for their bittersweet victory, with Gaspar and Damad further assert to Tigre that he should at least appricidate the Vanadises' sacrifices[Notes 13]. Elen meanwhile consulting Lim  who is confused over Bargren's disappearance and wondering if they even accepted her as a Vanadis. As her reply however, Elen thinks that the reason for Lim's short-lived position is because of her persistence to be her second-in-command which opposing the Vanadis's individuality.

Formation of the Black Dragon ArmyEdit

Viralts Fossilization and Next PlanEdit

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Sofya's Ambush by ValentinaEdit

Outside Leitmeritz Army's camp, Sofy is strolling around the area only for he suddenly hears whispers from Tina about the missing Zaht. This opts her to rush for Leitmeritz Army's camp, only to be severely injured by Tina while bleeding. With Tigre and his allies rush to see Sofy however, Tina forces to retreat immediately after seeing the Durandal at his hands.

The "Funeral" and Vow of Vengeance Edit

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Battle of Bals: Vanadises' First Battle Without ViraltsEdit




Following Barbarian Army's surrender, the Black Dragon Army wins it's first battle with casualties not more than 300 men. At that blooded battlefield, Elen, Mila and Olga are sharing their first experience in using their weapons into a battlefield. In that same time, they are also greeted by Liza who is glad to see them unharmed. After managing the burial of the fallen during sunset, the Black Dragon Army is visited by the surrendering barbarians chiefs from the respective factions who explain their reasons for this battle.

Valentina's Response to the Black Dragon Army's First VictoryEdit

Part 1Edit

Part 2Edit

Afterwards, Tina receives two reports from a messenger:Black Dragon Army's victory over the Barbarian Army[Notes 14] and House Rodina's revolt [Notes 15][Notes 16].

Part 3Edit

At the Black Dragon Army's camp, a meeting is held where Liza tells everyone an urgent news: House Kurtis's remnants (Ilda's distant relatives) desperately requested their aid to save Bydgauche from Osterode Army, as well as House Rodina's revolt against Ruslan and Eugene. Despite their frustration about their current situation[Notes 17], they eventually agree to rescue both Bydgauche and Pardu due to Marina's connection to both territories[Notes 18]. So Liza proposes a plan to split the Black Dragon Army into two groups: She and Olga will lead Lebus Army to Bydgauche and rescue House Kurtis remnants from Osterode Army, Elen [Notes 19][Notes 20]and Mila on the other hand will travel to Pardu to defend its people against the invading Adelaide Army.

Eugene Rescue MissionEdit

Part 1Edit

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Part 2Edit

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Part 2.1Edit

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Part 2.2Edit

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Part 2.3Edit

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Part 3Edit

With Arbatov's information[Notes 21] as well as weapons and armors that are provided by Damad, the trio (Tigre, Gaspar and Naum) disguise themselves as Silesia's guards [Notes 22] and sneak into the Imperial Garden at night, whilst Damad stays behind to secure their escape route. After report to several Osterode Army's solider for "shift duty" without raising their suspicions, the trio follow the guards to Eugene's cell [Notes 23] whilst overhearing the soldiers' conversation regarding the former Earl's would be execution-under Miron's orders despite Tigre's own suspicions[Notes 24]. After reaching Eugene's cell, when being called for their names the trio kill the guards that surprises Eugene until they reveal themselves true identities as Tigre and his company. Nevertheless, the trio take Eugene out from his cell to the outside which the former Earl is relief to see the sky again.

On their way out, however, the four stumble upon Miron [Notes 25] who is thanking their "patrol"[Notes 26]until two guards behind him ask their identity. Without any choice, the trio retaliate as Tigre and Gaspar kill the guards while Naum tries to grab Miron as hostage. However, the chamberlain slips away and call for reinforcements. During the skirmish, Miron sees Eugene and charges towards the "prisoner" and fatally stabbing him with his dagger before fleeing away, to the trio's shock. Still, Tigre quickly covering Eugene's wound and carries him via a piggyback. Eventually, they reunite with Damad only for them to discover that the incident has alerted so many soldiers, meaning they are cornered[Notes 27]. Through Eugene's information about Silesia's Southern Gate however raises the five's hope as they see it as their only escape. After safely reach to the Southern Gate and meet its guard[Notes 28], Damad and Naum then split from Tigre and Gaspar for their own escape [Notes 29]. As the gate opens without raising even slightest suspicions from Osterode soldiers, Tigre, Gaspar and Eugene barely escape from Silesia with their horses. Gaspar then asks Tigre their next destination which Eugene says (albeit his weaken voice) that he wishes to go to Pardu which Tigre complies despite his feelings of uneasiness.

Meanwhile, Tina hears this incident and orders her soldiers to find Eugene and ensuring Ruslan and Valery's safety. Despite her men's failure however, Tina remains calm as she summons Miron and demands his explanation for wounding Eugene. When Miron whines over the "traitor"'s escape, Tina tells him that she has specifically told him to wait until Eugene's trial and warns him that his actions may taint Ruslan's good name should this incident spread across the capital. Still, she forgives[Notes 30][1] the old chamberlain and urges him to get some rest which he begrudgingly complies. Now Tina focuses on her plot in eliminating her enemies (Black Dragon Army, Eugene and Adelaide Army) so she can finally fulfill her ambition.

Eugene's Dying WishEdit

Having escaped from Silesia, Tigre and Gaspar find a physician to check on Eugene. Sadly, the physician concludes that the Earl will not live for another 10 days, causing Tigre to blame himself for this incident [Notes 31]. The trio stay at a nearby inn for recuperation. While Gaspar leaves for Litomyšl, Tigre meanwhile stays behind and accompanying Eugene. At the same time, he also begrudgingly tells Eugene about the truth behind his departure from Silesia. Hearing Tigre's story prompts Eugene to conclude that all of this chaos is rooted from Tina's ploy in becoming Zhcted's ruler before napping, much to Tigre's confusion[Notes 32].

Two days later, Gaspar returns to the inn with Elen, Lim and Eugene's family. Just as Tigre is about to leave, Eugene asks him to stay with everyone. After his apologies to his wife Marina, Eugene pleads Tigre to become the King of Zhcted. This shocks everyone especially Tigre who is still hesitant since he is not a citizen of Zhcted and his fear of becoming corrupted[Notes 33]. Eugene however insists Tigre to accept this request due to the 5 Vanadises's trust upon him, a feat not even Zhcted nobility can achieve[Notes 34], as well as Elen's integrity that will keep him in check he has known her and Lim for four years. Tigre's only reply however is he need to think about it. As Tigre recalls his journey he made so far, Elen approaches him and tells him that its' up to him to make his decision. As he remains unsure, Elen whispers to his ears for thinking too much which prompts Tigre to realize that he sill have someone he cherished such as Elen and others in Zhcted. Afterwards, Tigre promises Eugene that he will become the King of Zhcted but never abandons Brune. Seeing Tigre's resolution makes Eugene smile and entrusts his family and Pardu to him[Notes 35]. The following day afterwards, Eugene passes away and his body will be taken to Litomyšl for his funeral via horse carriage.


Lim breaks into tears .

Of those who participate Eugene's funeral, only Lim is absent as she is busy on plotting to prevent incoming enemies from destroying Pardu. To her surprise, Tigre enters into her tent under Elen's request and calls for some drinks. Tigre then asks Lim to talk about Eugene which shocks Lim so much to the point she wonder if it was Elen's idea. Tigre affirms it by telling that he needs to know about him out of a friendship between him and his father, as well the late Earl's trust. Feeling that he must know since he is now a candidate for the crown, Lim tells Tigre everything about Eugene. During their conversation however, after drinking her red wine Lim begins to cry which prompts Tigre to comfort her. Few minutes later, Lim wakes up and realizes that both she and Tigre were sleeping after their were drunk. After seeing Tigre's sleepy face however, Lim also continue to sleep beside Tigre.

Adelaide Army's Downfall and Valentina's MoveEdit

Elsewhere, shortly after it's foundation, Adelaide Army is facing it's internal discord from two generals, Genova Cember and Zaur Elek who are feuding against each other despite them as caretakers of Adelaide-one of few remaining original contenders for the crown. As the army strength is growing, so does the animosity between the two generals. At one night however, Cember and Elek are arguing over Adelaide that cause them to fight against each other to their deaths. Consequently, without any effective leader, four aristocrats and 3,000 soldiers effectively breaking ties with the former army which leaving the remaining 7,000 soldiers flee and seek Osterode Army.

The news about Adelaide Army's downfall immediately reaches Silesia but Tina isn't too surprised to hear it as she has already predicted that predicament, though she doesn't expect Osterode Army's addition of 7,000 soldiers after the former army's dissolution. Nevertheless, Tina also hears the Black Dragon Army's split but she decides to attack Pardu. She then meet Valery-who is reading a book-and tells him that she need to go outside the capital. Valery, who know Tina is going to a war, tells her about some books he read that reminds Tina about her younger self. Before Tina's departure, Valery writes a button with his pen and gives it to her as a lucky charm. Tina smiles and accepts Valery's gift.

Tigrevurmud's Declaration for Zhcted's CrownEdit

Several days later, Tigre announces his declaration about him becoming the new contender for the crown. According to his declaration, despite knowing that nobody will accept him as a crown candidate, he urges everyone to remember that the Black Dragon King wasn't originated from this kingdom; moreover, with the support from Leitmeritz(Elen), Olmutz(Mila), Lebus(Liza) and Brest(Olga), as well as Pardu citizens, he vows to end the civil war and clear Eugene's name. This news spread across Zhcted but many aristocrats refuse to believe this story until they receive letters from Elen and Marina that consists their official seals as their proof of support for Tigre's kingship, plaguing Silesia with fear.


Tina's resolution to protect her ambition.

Of all people however, Tina-who has just finished arranging her new army, the Valentina Army-is especially dumbfounded to learn this shocking event so she quickly gathers everyone at the crown room for a war council. After confirming Tigre's declaration, Tina delivers her speech of contempt against Eugene for having an outsider like Tigre as his successor while condemning Tigre's motive as "outrageous". despite his reputation as Brune's hero and his kingship is supported by 4 Vanadis and Pardu's citizens; furthermore, she claims Ruslan as Zhcted's only legitimate ruler due to his lineage and charisma of a royalty. Everyone is so motivated by Tina's rousing speech that they roaring with rage and see Tigre as an enemy, thus joining Tina's cause to defeat the "fake" contender. The meeting is then adjourned as Tina announces the Valentina Army's departure by tomorrow. Recalling her time and effort she made this far, Tina vows to protect her ambition as she views this war as her best opportunity to annihilate Tigre and the Vanadises once and for all.


Regin Kisses Tigre as good luck charm.

At Pardu, Black Dragon Army's morale soars sharply after hearing Mila's arrival with Leitmeritz Army and Olmutz Army by tomorrow. Tigre however feels guilty because not everyone are willingly to support his declaration despite their sympathy towards Marina. On one patrol however, Tigre and Gaspar are surprised to see Regin and Mashas and welcoming them to Pardu. Instead, Regin berates Tigre over his declaration for becoming Zhcted's king but after hearing his story, from his battle against Ganelon to Eugene's death, she understands his situation but still wonders if he neglect Brune's affair. To the shock from both Mashas and Regin, Tigre declares that he will become the king to both Zhcted and Brune because he vows to protect those who are important to him regardless their origins. As Regin remains skeptical, Tigre pleads her help to make this dream a reality while planning on making her as his wife. Hearing his words makes Regin so happy that she tells Mashas to close his eyes whilst kissing Tigre's left cheek and reveals an ancient mark on her right hand, which reminding Tigre his battle against Ganelon. Mashas then asks Tigre about the Black Bow which the latter replies that he will let it continue to carry on his legacy even if it means exhausting it's powers. His answers prompts Mashas and Regin believe that the Black Bow not only changing Tigre's life, but also creating a new legend for Zhcted and Brune.

Battle of Zamberk: Black Dragon Army vs Valentina ArmyEdit

First Battle: Valentina's Crushing DominanceEdit

The following afternoon, Mila finally arrives to Pardu with 3,000 strong Leitmeritz-Olmutz Army and seeing everyone greeting her, especially Tigre, Regin and Marina. The war council immediately begins with six people (Tigre, Elen, Lim, Mila, Mashas and Regin) discussing about their plan in defeating Valentina Army which comprises 12,000 army and Tina, the supposed "last". In spite their 10,000 strong army, Tigre resolves on taking on Valentina Army at Zamberk Plains.


Elen during the Battle of Zamberk.

Upon the arrival of both Black Dragon Army and Valentina Army at Zamberk Plains, the battle begins with archer units from their respective army rain down their arrows against each other. Elen leads Leitmeritz Army's charge against Osterode Army but her horse is killed by Osterode Army's long spear unit, causing her to fall down[Notes 36]. Even so, Elen manages to survive by killing enemies with any weapons she could use, from sword to long spears until she equips one sword from a dead soldier[Notes 37]. Eventually, Elen reunite with Leitmeritz Army while confronting Tina who is riding her horse and vowing to slay her former comrade [Notes 38]. Whilst glaring at Tina, Elen warns her men to stay back but they charge for Tina instead. To Elen's horror, Tina easily slaughters her army without any blood staining her dress, instantly obliterating the Black Dragon Army's left wing unit. Without any surviving soldiers with her, all Elen can do is to dodge Tina's attack while facing against Osterode Army.

Suddenly, several arrows kill some enemies that saves Elen and to everyone's surprise, the attacker is Tigre who joins the battle and aids Leitmeritz Army's escape. Nearly all soldiers from Osterode Army are shocked to see Tigre but not Tina [Notes 39] who then using Ezendeis's Vol Dole to kill Tigre's from above via teleportation. Miraculously, Tigre counters Ezendeis's attack with the Black Bow and, with Elen throwing a dagger at her, Tina had to dodge midair and fall onto the ground which prompts Osterode soldiers surround her. Despite this, the first battle is Valentina Army's victory. After hearing the obliteration and retreat of Leitmeritz Army, Mashas and Mila also orders their respective units to withdraw as well.

Bitter Contenders' Last MeetingEdit

At dusk, Elen and Lim remark Durandal's presence that at least halted Valentina Army's pursuit. After gathering her remaining troops, Elen laments her army's near annihilation and despite Rurick pleas her to give the soldiers another fighting chance, she dismisses it by "ridiculing"[Notes 40] their resolution before the meeting 's end. Elen then asks Lim if she has overdone it but Lim sees it as the only way to recuperate her army's morale while urging her to lecture Tigre for his recklessness. On the contrary, Elen views Tigre's "recklessness" as his qualifications for kingship and firmly believes that everyone will change their perspective on him after the battle is over. Meanwhile, Tigre is visited by Regin who not only praising his performance on the battlefield, but also proposing her plan to bid some time which Tigre agrees.

The next day, Tigre writes a letter to Tina for a secret meeting which Tina agrees on several conditions: they will bring neither weapons not anyone for that meeting. With their condition complied, both Tigre and Tina meet up and the meeting begins with the former calls her out for attempting to overthrow Ruslan and placing herself as Zhcted's new ruler. Tina however deducting his "accusation" by not only claiming that she was just "fulfilling" her duty as a Vanadis whilst mocking her comrades' support for his kingship as "arbitrary", she is also "relief" to learn Ganelon's demise even after hearing Tigre's revelation about Tir Na Fal's descent that nearly destroying Zhcted; further accusing him to be indifferent[Notes 41] than her for walking a path of bloodshed[Notes 42]. Tigre is so furious to hear this to the point suspecting Tina's vile intentions onto Valery, but Tina continue to denies this and continue to persisting claiming herself as Zhcted Nobility's "protector" until Tigre brings up Eugene's case which causes her to become uncharacteristically silent. The meeting ends in a sour note as Tina insists on attacking Pardu as long Tigre is still standing.[Notes 43][Notes 44]

Second Battle: Sofya's Unexpected ReturnEdit

Suddenly, a messenger reports to Tina about an incoming army of 1,000 that waves the Polesia Flag whilst marching for Valentina Army's rear. Initially feeling skeptical about their sudden arrival, Tina deploys 500 infantry soldiers to intercept the enemy-which is a success as the enemies immediately retreat after the small skirmish. The Void Vanadis smirks with confidence as if she knew that it was her enemies' ruse so she sends her messenger to her allies about it, only to be shocked to hear from another messenger's reports about Polesia Army's sudden appearance from the south.

Meanwhile, 1,000 strong Osterode Army is almost decimated by Sofy who then proceed for battle despite her generals' protest out of they concern about her wounds. In fact, her surprise presence has effectively boosting Black Dragon Army's morale while crippling Valentina Army's, to everyone's delight especially Tigre and Elen-with the latter rallying her army for their counterattack. Consequently, Valentina Army collapses as all units are scattered to different directions while struggling against enemies from all sides, forcing Tina to order a full withdraw from battle-marking the Black Dragon Army's harrowing victory.

Despite her defeat however, Tina remains calm and vows to crush her enemies quickly as he still have her last trick in her sleeve. Meanwhile, the Black Knight Army halt their advance out of Leitmeritz-Olmutz Army's exhaustion. As the battle may be the Black Dragon Army's victory, but the real end of the civil war is far from finished.

Valentina's Death and Ruslan's AbdicationEdit

At Silesia, Tina urges the bureaucrats to hasten Ruslan's coronation ceremony[Notes 45] [Notes 46] without waiting until Spring. On her way to visit Ruslan and Valery, however, she is ahocked to hear that Miron has kidnapped Valery and he took him to the castle walls that is installed with Magical Chains, forcing her to make an exhausting trip[Notes 47] to her destination. Upon her arrival, she encounters some Osterode soldiers who are hesitated to rescue Valery and berates them for it, only to be dumbfounded to learn that Valery have never left the library for 10 days just to wait for her return from the war. Without any choice, Tina chooses to confront Miron alone which Osterode soldiers reluctantly comply.

Disgusted to see Miron holding Valery as hostage with Viktor's dagger that wounded Eugene, Tina calls him out[Notes 30][2] for his horrendous act but Miron justifies this as his means to "protect" Ruslan from Tigre's "harm"[Notes 48][3]; even if it means killing Valery. Still, Tina retorts that she will have his head to Tigre for Ruslan's sake but mocking his death to be worthless. Distraught, Miron pushes Valery away that prompts Tina immediately rescues the boy but ends up being wounded by Miron's stabbing. to Valery's horror. The now insane chamberlain mutters his "successful" kill onto "Royalty's Enemy" only to be shaken by Tina's murderous glare that forces him stepping back to the wall's edge and fall to his death. Succumbing to her fatal injury, Tina collapses but she tells a crying Valery to call for Ruslan instead which he complies, all the while thinking her ironic end [Notes 49]. As Ruslan [Notes 50] and Valery finally reach at her side, as her final act Tina painfully summons Ezendeis and-for the first and last time-telling it the truth about her ambition in becoming the Queen of Zhcted. With Ezendeis tearfully disappears[Notes 51] while Ruslan closing her eyes, Tina is no longer a Vanadis and officially declared deceased.

Meanwhile, Tigre rushes for Silesia against the warnings from Elen and Mila about possible traps. Upon his arrival, he meets a blooded Valery who escorts him to the palace's front where he meets Ruslan and a deceased Tina. Dumbfounded to see what had happened, Tigre opts to call for a physician but Ruslan rejects his help as he claims that he doesn't have much time left[Notes 52]. Ruslan then asks Tigre if his decision will change Zhcted entirely including the Vanadis system, [Notes 53]which the latter refuses for the sake of those he cherished especially Elen, causing Ruslan to feel envy for him. After giving his blessing to Tigre and Elen, Ruslan abdicates his crown and entrusting Tigre to take care not only Zhcted and its people[Notes 54] but also Valery which Tigre takes it with heart as his promise to both Eugene and Ruslan. Carrying Tina's corpse with him, Ruslan then enters into Imperial Palace that is engulfed with flames for his suicide[Notes 55]. With that, Zhcted's brutal civil war is finally over.

Tigrevurmud Vorn, the new King of ZhctedEdit

New Kingdom, New Reign, New EraEdit

Part 1Edit

6 years have passed after Tigre's ascension as the King to both Brune and Zhcted, Lim visits Brune.

Part 2Edit


Tigre and his family.

Meanwhile, Tigre and Elen are watching Celestia's from one of Alsace's hilltop alongside with their son Vachell and now juvenile Lunie, as well as Rurick who sarcastically urging Tigre to take care of Elen. When Elen calls her son to come at her side, Vachell immediately gets off from Lunie and heading towards for Elen-who then carrying her son while activating Arifal's wind with her right hand.

Notable EventEdit

Story ImpactEdit

  • Ganelon's origins is revealed where he was once a former philosopher prior his meeting with the late King Charles, who was just a soldier before his rise as the King of Brune. Further revelation also indicating his absorption onto the real Vodyanoy has corrupted his soul, instantly transformed into the demon he is now and becoming an immortal, outliving even King Charles while witnessing the events happening in Brune.
  • Zagan, an ancient place that is located at northwestern Zhcted which is mentioned by Ganelon's threat letter from the previous arc, finally make an appearance as the former Duke's ritual site for Tir Na Fla's descent. It is also the final confrontation between Tigre and Ganelon where the former
  • Ganelon's ritual in summoning Tir Na Fal has causing the skies turn purple which considers as bad omens to come. Fortunately, Tigre and his allies manages to stop Ganelon from bringing the Goddess of Darkness and Death from ascending onto human realm.
    • Elen and Liza are the first to witness such phenomenon and becoming horrified to see their respective army has becoming mysteriously sick that not even army medic can identify their symptoms.
    • Sofy and Mila are next and, adding with the news that Silesia has fallen to Tina's control, had to abandon their mission to Silesia and heading towards Zagan and find Tigre.
  • Ganelon's demise and Tir Na Fal's departure back to the heavens have drastically changing the entire lives of both Tigre and his allies altogether, with the fossilization of the five Viralts as their cost of defeating Ganelon.
    • While not involving in Zhcted's affairs until Tigre's final confrontation against Tina, Brune and Zhcted are finally free from Ganelon's influence for good this time.
      • The House of Ganelon is also exterminated for good.
    • Now with five Viralts are fossilized and Bargren disappears in order to avoid fossilization, Elen, Lim, Sofy, Mila, Liza and Olga are (temporarily) rendered into ordinary women. This means that without their powers, the Vanadises not only easily getting injured or facing possible death, they also had to rely on normal weapons for their future battles. Considering their past experience in various wars and battles however, they do eventually overcome their handicaps
      • Sofy, due to losing Zaht's power, is heavily injured by Tina's ambush during her stroll outside Leitmeritz camp. Her injury is so severe to the point her "funeral" is held and forcing Polesia Army to withdraw from battle. In reality, the "funeral" is actually a ruse to fool Tina and she will not be rejoining Tigre and others until the climax of Zhcted Civil War[Notes 56].
      • The fossilization of the Viralts makes the Vanadises remembers about late Sasha's advice that the Vanadis must not solely rely on their Viralts as she warn that fully reliance on the Viralt will weaken them over time. It is where the Vanadises will be tested their true value as a War Maiden on the battlefield.[Notes 57]
        • Tina herself is an excellent example because she relying heavily on her Viralt to carry out her ambition. Not only she lost most of her natural combat capability but she also weaken herself because of her excessive reliance on Ezendeis that results in her death when fighting Miron.[Notes 58]
  • Tina's ignorance to see the phenomenon of purple skies and her decision to stick to her plan rather than make amends by assisting Tigre and Vanadises on Boroszlo Plains further fueled Tigre and Vanadis' hatred against her. [Notes 59] This alone further spell doom for Tina throughout the the arc's climax as all of her plots are falling apart as Tigre and his allies manage to overcome their ordeal, no matter how cunning her plans are.
    • Additionally, Titta effectively takes Tina's role as Vanadis of Osterode only until Ganelon is defeated.
  • The Black Dragon Army is founded by Tigre, Elen, Lim, Mila, Liza, and Olga, which comprises four main armies from Zhcted's respective territories (Leitmeritz, Olmutz, Brest and Lebus), and the third coalition army after the Silver Meteor Army and Moonlight Knights despite Tigre is the only Brune citizen to join the army.
  • The Barbarian Army are introduced as a secondary antagonist after Tina and her accomplice, whose atrocities are similar to other invaders such as Muozinel Army and Sachstein Army, and also the one whom Ilda defeated during a flashback in Urs Arc. Zhcted's civil discord after House Kurtis's destruction and Silesia's chaos however does gives the Barbarian Army an opportunity to invade Zhcted, disregarding either the Black Dragon Army or Osterode Army, only to the beaten by the former despite their overwhelming numbers.
  • Elen's plot as the Vanadis plot to assign someone as their "King" was finally put in place but it is executed in more peaceful ways. Tigre was selected as King from Vanadis allies and none oppose against their decision for it. [Notes 60]
    • In the decision itself, Six Vanadis include Limalisha pledge their allegiances to Tigre in order to stop the Civil War and supports him when ascended as King of Zhcted.
  • Eugene's escape from Silesia and his tragic death has ultimately paving Tigre's path to kingship that leading to a final battle that will end Zhcted's civil war once and for all.
    • For the people of Pardu, they are saddened for their lost of their lord without proving his innocence. The final battle against Tina and her own army at Zamberk Plains is their only way to avenge their lord and clear his name and honor, and they succeeded.
    • Eugene's wife and daughter(namely Marina and Alisa) are the only legacy for both House Shevarin (Eugene) and House Kurtis (Ilda) combined[Notes 61]. Like Elen and Lim, Marina also supports Tigre to end the civil war. Within the aftermath, Tigre even adopts them in order to continue his legacy.
    • Tina is especially irritated and shocked after hearing Tigre's declaration for the crown and yet it doesn't stop her from attacking Pardu. Since he is now a successor to Eugene[Notes 62], the Void Vanadis turns her hostility towards him and vows to crush him so her ambition can be fulfilled.
    • The aristocrats and retainers in Silesia, especially from the western territories that are near to the borders between Brune and Zhcted, feel skeptical towards Tigre due to him being the only outsider, only to be easily panic when they receives letters from both Elen and Mariana with their official seals as their recognition and support. Through the manipulation from Tina however they further hates Tigre until the found the truth about the Vanadises action on supporting Tigre.
    • Interestingly, Eugene's death also pushed Tigre's decision to become the king for both Brune and Zhcted in order to protect the people whom he cherished the most, disregarding their origins. His drastic actions may shocked both Regin and Vanadis' surprise[Notes 63].
  • With Ganelon has been slain and Tir Na Fal return to the heavens, Tina is the last antagonist in the climax of this arc and overall Zhcted Civil War. Unfortunately for her, this is where everything she planned begin to slip apart.
    • Her plan start to slip apart thanks to her unplanned decision to defeat Sofy after fossilization of the Viralts. It is then Tigre and his allies start to rush up things, forcing Valentina to pick up the pace as well and eventually become careless of her plan.
  • The following end of Zhcted Civil War, Tigre has becoming the king for both Brune and Zhcted and having eight women (with Regin as his main wife while the rest are his concubines, including Titta, Lim and the 5 remaining Vanadis-such as Elen, Mila, Sofy, Liza and Olga) as his wives, making him as the first and only king to rule both kingdoms.
    • Tigre remain the Vanadis territory as it should be to maintain the Zhcted's governing system as he state on Volume 1 that he entrusted the Vanadises to do their job respectively.


  • This arc is the revisited arc from Vorn-Thenardier conflict where Tigre will deal with one of the second to king. In Brune, Tigre is dealing with Thenardier while in Zhcted, Tigre is dealing with Valentina.
    • Bertrand's death made Tigre vow to sought revenge against Thenardier on Brune Civil War while on Zhcted Civil War, Sofy's injury and Eugene's death made Tigre vows to seek revenge against Valentina. Both with the common goal, to defeat them once and for all.


  1. According to Titta, she was worried about Tigre because he has left Silesia for more than ten days, so she, along with Gerard, Gaspar and Damad, had to escape Silesia in order to find Tigre. On their way however they were ambushed by nearby bandits, but they were quickly rescued by soldiers from Polesia-Olmutz Army.
  2. The process of their escape wasn't easy either. At first, the group tried to find Eugene only them to learn his arrest and worst of all, Silesia was in chaos when it was under attacked by the invading Osterode Army.
  3. According to both Sofy and Mila, the direction Titta was talking about was located in between Legnica and Lebus, where it was believed that was the main battlefield where Liza, Elen and Fine chose Boroszlo Plains as the battleground.
  4. Tina used her personal fortunes to fund both the patrolling Osterode soldiers and the travelling artists and traders under the implementation of new taxes cut that supposedly made Silesia better.
  5. For Miron's case, the royal dagger Miron possessed is supposed to be a a special weapon that repel any demonic energy. The sad irony however is that this sacred item itself has become a murder weapon instead when Miron used it to murder Eugene and Tina.
  6. The major reason for Ganelon tempting Tigre is because the archer himself is an instrument for the ritual.
  7. While seemly delighted to see the resurrection of the dead, Tigre also found that wishful thing also made the sacrifices his allies made for him were going just for naught; furthermore, he would also need to consider that if his late parents are to be resurrected, then all people in the continent shall be sacrifices for Tir Na Fal's descent.
  8. Part of his reason to cool down is his knowledge that rage alone will never beat Ganelon.
  9. One of Ganelon's hideous transformation begins with his deforming left-eye while his left palm also growing more eyes.
  10. The description of Tigre's possession by Tir Na Fal is as grim as it gets: His red-hair and eyes are dyed black, his face and arms are bleeding badly, and then his left arm is fusing the Black Bow that creating his new arm while his face is twisted into something monstrous; not even helping matters is he can't hear his allies crying for him.
  11. As the Vanadises's worry while witnessing the Goddess's prowess, hadn't the arrow is intercepted by the Vanadises' Veda it could destroy the entire Zagan, let alone everyone in the area.
  12. The 7th Replacement means possessed Titta replaces Valentina as Vanadis temporarily due to Valentina's absent on this battle.
  13. The demons are at least no longer involved with the interference to wreak havoc across the kingdoms again and the Vanadises knew by defeating Ganelon. The chaos will not happen again in the future.
  14. Originally, Tina wished to see both the clash between both the Black Dragon Army and the Barbarian Army but didn't expect to see the former's harrowing victory against the latter, specifically with the aristocrats of the northeast struggling against the invaders.
  15. The major reason for this revolt was because both Karl and Adelaide were one nominated as two of the eight original candidates for Zhcted's crown and yet they were largely ignored because Viktor focused solely focused on Ruslan over anybody else. The chaos within Zhcted would somewhat give House Rodina a chance for its rebellion against
  16. To make matter worse, both both Karl and Adelaide weren't even involved in the revolt as it was actually orchestrated by Genova Cember and Zaur Elek, 2 generals who are also Adelaide's caretaker but they didn't see eye to eye with each other.
  17. The reason for their hesitation on helping the surviving remnants of House Kurtis was because of their disadvantages due to their Viralt's fossilization(except Bargren who chose to vanish instead), the remaining Vanadis are having their hard time on defending their own territories/armies, let alone helping the other nobles' war against their enemies. Their performance during their first battle against the Barbarian Army without their Viralts displayed their severe handicap.
  18. This is because Marina herself is not only the widow to the recently deceased Eugene, but also a younger sister to her late brother Ilda; making her an important member for both House Shevarin and House Kurtis for Pardu and Bydgauche respectively.
  19. Initially, Elen was the first to protest Liza's idea due to the Black Dragon Army's scarce manpower, not helping matters is that the northeastern aristocrats were fully support for Osterode Army. Liza however pointed out that because Brest is located somewhere south from Osterode where its army is extremely protective towards Olga, even the Northeastern aristocrats and Osterode Army will stop attacking Bydgauche.
  20. Mila, like Elen, also protest against Liza's plan in splitting the Black Dragon Army to rescue both both Bydgauche and Pardu due to the Wind Vanadis's aforementioned worries.
  21. According to Arbatov, since Eugene's imprisonment he was one of few handful people to visit the "prisoner" and he was healthy from the last time he saw him. Sadly for Arbatov though, he did not see Eugene's demise.
  22. The reason behind their successful disguises is because of their disguises are barely distinguish for soldiers from Silesia or even Osterode.
  23. The only reason why Tigre not killing the guards about Eugene's execution is because of the risk of being captured as prisoner should their cover is blown.
  24. According to Tigre's observation, he noted that the security of Silesia was rather lax despite Eugene being branded as "traitor" to Zhcted.
  25. As Tigre recalls, Miron's greeting with these soldiers are similar to his "warm welcoming" personality which recalling him before Zhcted descends into civil war until the skirmish. His meeting Eugene however..
  26. It was part of Naum's lie to make sure their cover weren't blown during their rescue mission.
  27. Their first sign about the group's troubling in escaping Silesia is that seeing the path to the weapon shop is blocked by the soldiers, who immediately rush to find Eugene. According to Damad, with the incident is known in Silesia the guards may find them sooner if they don't escape right now.
  28. That guard of Silesia's South Gate is actually one of Eugene's old ally and also his sympathizers who believe his friend's innocence. According to him, the major reason he aiding Tigre and his company is because he wishes to replay Eugene's kindness for allowing him to escape from the malicious aristocrats and traders.
  29. Whether they are buying time for otherwise, it dishearten Tigre for him to not having a proper farewell and doesn't know how to thank his allies. Either way, neither Damad nor Naum wishes to be caught by their enemies.
  30. 30.0 30.1 The only reason she keeps Miron is because of his undying loyalty for King Viktor and Ruslan and he position as a veteran minister despite his increasingly unhinged personality. Unfortunately, not even she realizes just unhinged Miron really is until the arc's climax.
  31. For Tigre, the mission's failure meant his lost the trust from Elen, Lim and those who were highly supported Eugene.
  32. The bizarre part about Tigre's surprised reaction is because Eugene already knew Tina's vile ambition all along.
  33. Tigre has two reasons for his doubt to become the king: First of all, he fears that if Brune citizen ever in becoming king, it will bring uproar from Zhcted's citizen and only prolonging its crisis. The biggest worry he has however is his position may change him into a corrupted ruler.
  34. Aside from Zhcted Nobility's inability to gain all Vanadises trust, Eugene also knew every well that the demise of Zhcted Nobility is inevitable one way or another. Ruslan's weaken condition, Ilda's death and especially his dying state were the very prominent example.
  35. The major reason why Tigre eventually accepts Eugene's request is because he felt that he has "robbed" the old earl's future and the only way for him to take responsibility is to at least protecting his family and Pardu.
  36. According to Elen, unlike the Barbarian Army they fought from the previous battle, Osterode Army seemed organized from their attack as their strong loyalty to their Vanadis. What's makes the battle even harder is Tina being the only Vanadis to yield Ezendeis's power despite Ganelon's demise and Tir Na Fal's departure.
  37. It is then Elen begins to realizes about Sasha's advice about the true definition of being a War Maiden: The real Vanadis would not constantly relying on the Viralt's power in order to define her status and might but what value the most as Vanadis is her experience as a warrior in the battlefield. This would later becoming helpful for Elen and other Vanadis that took Sasha's advice deep into their heart.
  38. Throughout the entire time, Tina have been thinking about why the situation turned against her especially since Tigre is now her opponent for the crown. A mere sight of Elen alone has prompted Tina to realize that she has been underestimating Elen all the time and believe that without her, Tigre would never come to Zhcted and her ambition will be unstoppable.
  39. Part of her attention towards Tigre is because of her hostility/hatred towards her rival contender for the crown, as well of her increasingly wariness towards the Black Bow. In fact, she was so focused onto Tigre to the point she forgot to kill Elen who was still vulnerable without Arifar.
  40. Deep down, Elen is actually care for her men.
  41. Even claiming her method to be different, Tina also thought the "same idea" on stopping the Demon's ambition and saving Zhcted. The problem however is because she never seen Tir Na Fal before despite Ganelon's information, she has underestimated Tir Na Fal's true power that gave more trouble to Tigre and his allies. Not to mention her lies about Vanadis's duty has led to Tigre's suspicions that contradict her own statement.
  42. Additionally, she is too focused on her goal on becoming Zhcted's ruler to the point she didn't accounting Ganelon's future plan. She even overlook Ganelon's action so long he successfully defeating defeating Tigre and the Vanadises, without knowing her reign as the Queen will be rocked with chaos and she alone will unable to stop Ganelon due to Black Bow's user that only appear every few generations.
  43. While Tigre is keeping legacy from Eugene by aiming to the throne to protect his family, Tina doesn't show any concern much on how Eugene wants to be.
  44. Their resolves weren't even shaken either: In the eyes of Tina, as long Tigre continues to protect Eugene's legacy, she will always considering him as the enemy to Zhcted Nobility; Tigre meanwhile is forced to defeat Tina in order to fulfill his path of kingship.
  45. The idea of Ruslan's forced early coronation as Tina's last resort is because in these chaotic times, which was caused by herself and her "allies", Zhcted has no official ruler and the only way to stop the "rebelling" the Vanadises is to installing Ruslan as the official king. Still, it doesn't even ease Tina as she still thinking about ridding Tigre-the source for the Vanadises' "revolt" against Ruslan- because such news of an outsider's aim for the crown with the support from the Vanadises' support is unheard of in Zhcted's history. To cause a disunity among the war maidens, she is planning on risking sneaking into the Black Dragon Army, assassinate Tigre and then kidnapping Regin and use her as a bargaining chip.
  46. The problem however is Ruslan's returning illness making the forced coronation more difficult. Not to mention neither Ruslan nor Valery ever received the news of Valentina Army's defeat.
  47. The reason behind her fatigue was because she never take some rest for once after her return from the battle and the meeting. The Magical Chains on the wall, which was supposedly preventing the Vanadises's infiltration that never worked, further adding her woes since she is the only Vanadis to yield Ezendeis's power, she had to reach to the wall without Ezendeis's power. By the time she reaches the castle walls, she is so exhausted to the point she uses Ezendeis as a walking cane.
  48. The facts creeps even Tina the most is that Miron is so loyal (albeit blindly) towards Ruslan to the point he willing to sacrifice Valery's life to Tigre just to keep Ruslan "safe". What Miron could never realize however is even the Brune Hero himself-who was contributed Eugene's "escape" from Silesia-would never harm either Ruslan or Valery despite his aim for the crown. This means the plan itself only making Miron digs a deeper hole for his own demise.
  49. The tragic irony of Tina's own demise is that it was resulted by her-for the first and possibly the last time-selfless act on rescuing a child, not by either scheme or even battle. Still, it doesn't eased her own bitterness as she has failed to fulfill her dream. What's even more saddening is that up until her demise, Valery is the only person who Tina can relate due to his habit of reading book which reflecting her own younger self, hinting of what could've been a developing friendship between them despite that fact she even using him for fulfilling her ambition.
  50. For unknown reason, Tina calls Ruslan Petrov.
  51. Due to the rule where Vanadis can only serve Zhcted ruler instead of becoming one, it is a taboo for speaking a word of replacing the king for the throne to even the Viralts. The reason for Ezendeis's disappearance because of that said taboo is considered as a bitter betrayal for the Viralts.
  52. The reason behind his rejection is because even if he will become King by Spring, he will not going to survive for the years to come and fears the kingdom will be torn apart again after his death.
  53. The one thing bothers Ruslan is Zhcted's fate because Tigre is holding two positions as the King of both Brune and Zhcted, meaning that some, if not most, of Zhcted territories might be on the risk of annexation as one of many Brune's territories. Not to mention that without the Viralts, he worries that Vanadises might going to be disbanded and going separated ways. Fortunately, considering the events involving Tir Na Fal and the demons Tigre wants to leave Zhcted the way it has always been.
  54. That including Elen's future even without her status as a Vanadis. The catch of having Elen in Brune is so long she suffers any mishaps in the other kingdoms aside from Zhcted, neither Tigre and Elen will live in a free life.
  55. During the suicide, Ruslan claims that he was already a "dead" after the incident 8 years ago.
  56. In order to make sure the ruse is working, Sofy have to stay at Polesia for some time fearing that she will be attacked by Tina again in the future, though she will dispatch her messenger to keep her updated.
  57. It turns out served to be Sasha's secret to become the strongest Vanadis when she was alive. Sasha herself rely on her natural combat skills rather than using Viralts ability when fighting.
  58. Tina also was caught off guard by Miron even the person she deal is a chamberlain that a Vanadis was supposed to defeat him effortlessly. Her combat capabilities are proven to be dulled due to not retraining her combat skills for a long time.
  59. Tina remain stick to her plan despite Tir Na Fal descend to the Earth and despite Viralt warns her many times, she was ignorant of such warnings.
  60. Originally Elen want to plot with other Vanadis to perform rebellion on Volume 1 to overthrow King Viktor and appoint someone as their "King" but later due to Tigre's wisdom and leadership the Vanadis now appoint Tigre without any disagreement from others that allies with Tigre as their King.
  61. As Ilda's main family line may have perished after Julian's death by Osterode Army, House Kurtis barely survived through another branch that consists both Marina (Ilda's sister) and Ilda's distant relatives as its only survivors.
  62. Tigre's declaration however eventually changed by becoming King of Brune and Zhcted.
  63. The reason such is Tigre will protect his cherished person that he considers them as part of his family.


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