Kana ラザール
Romaji Lazaru
Personal Profile
Age 50's
Gender Male Male
Birth Place Lebus, Zhcted
Status Alive
Occupation Lebus Civil Officer
Position & Rank Senior Minister
Territory Lebus

Lazarl is a veteran minister who served under Elizavetta Fomina, Vanadis of Lebus.

Character InformationEdit


Lazarl is described as a man in his 50's.


As the wise and cautious minister, Lazarl is a stern minister who once lecturing Liza prior her service as a Vanadis.


First Encounter to Urz (Tigre)Edit

Prior Ilda Kurtis's visit in Lebus,

Urz's Stay in LebusEdit


Urz Rise As An AdviserEdit

Prior the aftermath of a war to stop Ilda from reaching Pardu, Lazarl attended in a meeting with Liza and other civil officers. Despite Urz's(Tigre's) contribution in stopping Ilda from reaching Pardu, Lazarl remained skeptical towards Urz(Tigre), who he deemed as a stranger among Lebus, while trying to dissuade Liza to give Urz a lucrative reward of 1,000 Silver Coins. As almost everyone supported Lazarl's suggestion to give Urz(Tigre) 100 Silver Coins, Naum stood up and defending both Liza and Urz (Tigre) by claiming 100 Silver Coins were not enough for the newcomer and sarcastically claiming that everyone in the meeting (except Liza and himself) were cowards that driven by rage and jealousy.

Visitor from Outside LebusEdit


Mission to Stall KazakovEdit