Kana カシム
Romaji Kashimu
Personal Profile
Gender Male
Birth Place Muozinel
Status Deceased
Occupation General(Former)
Army Muozinel Army (Former)
Kingdom Muozinel(Former)
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiyū Yoshihisa Kawahara
English Voice Dave Trosko

Kashim was a leader of 20,000 strong advance army of Muozinel Army during its invasion upon Brune.

Character InformationEdit


Kashim appeared to be a tall and skinny man who wears turbans around his head.


As a military co-commander of Muozinel Army, Kashim was cunning yet brutal general who cares only about victory over the battle. In order to win, Kashim would do anything by all means necessary, including sacrifice innocent people to do so. While being the top general among Muozinel Army, Kashim also arrogant and ignorant general.


Little is know about Kashim in the past, but he was known as a slave in Muozinel. When his talent was recognized by Muozinel's commander, he was released and finally becoming one of Muozinel's top soldiers.


Feud with Silver Meteor Army and DeathEdit

Kashim Death

Death of Kashim.

Kashim was surprised to see that the commander of Brune is Tigre, the one who uses a Bow even he knew Brune despises Bow users. He had already set up an archer in position so Tigre can be shot but an unexpected ambush led by Rurick demoralized the 3,000 Advance Party, Kashim still believed his Advance Army can win however he was surprised to see Tigre shoot his arrow from above 300 Alsins. Kashim who believed Tigre to have made a stupid decision by shooting at him from 300 Alsins away will not hit him he ended up getting shot in the head as well as a general who was beside Kashim.

With Kashim's death, the demoralized Muozinel Army was forced to retreat and were hunted down by Tigre's forces.




  • In the anime subtitles, he is also known as Qashim.