Guinevere Colchicum Ophelia Bedivere Asvarre
Kana ギネヴィア=コルチカム=オフィーリア=ベディヴィア=アスヴァール
Romaji Ginevia Coruchkamu Ofuiria BedeVia Asuvaru
Casual Name Guinevere
Personal Profile
Age 20
Gender Female Female
Birth Place Asvarre
Status Alive
Occupation Princess of Asvarre (Pre Civil War)
Queen of Asvarre (Post Civil War)
Army Asvarre Army
Position & Rank Princess (Former)
Head Monarch (Current)
Territory Asvarre

Guinevere Colchicum Ophelia Bedivere Asvarre, or also known as Guinevere, is a former princess of in Asvarre and a younger sister to Germaine and Eliot. Unlike her brothers however, Guinevere stated her neutrality during Civil War until Tallard Graham's involvement in the Civil War. She later became her kingdom's queen after her brothers demise.

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Guinevere was the youngest and only the daughter of King Zacharias. Prior Zacharias's death-which was caused by unknown causes-,


Role in Asvarre Civil WarEdit

Guinevere manages to escaped from castle after Elliot are attempting to assassinate her and other princes of Asvarre to ensure Elliot's reign as a new King however she was escaped along with Germaine and lurking somewhere in the village until Tallard discovers her.

Tallard uses her name to defeat Elliot and the pirates and as the only remaining survivor she was enthroned as the kingdom's new Queen while she has yet to choose the new King while Tallard was not yet eligible due to his position that was not as a noble.

Six Months after Asvarre Civil War, Guinevere promotes Tallard as a Duke of Asvarre before Tallard lead his army to Brune during Sachstein Invasion.


  • Of all Asvarre Royal Families who met their tragic ends, Guinevere is her family only survivor before elected as Asvarre's new queen.