Titta and goddess

Titta and the Goddesses.

This is the list of deities in the Madan no Ou to Vanadis series.


Both Zhcted and Brune worship the same gods and goddesses, while how each god or goddesses is treated is slightly different for both countries.

Zhcted and Brune Gods and GoddessesEdit

It is mentioned that Brune believes/worships 10 Gods.[1]

In both Brune and Zhcted, including Perkunas, the King of Gods, a Pantheon of 10 Gods are worshiped. To the frontier, it is possible to find natives who worship more deities. People who take an active role in religion are aware of there being an altar, that lies deep inside the temple, that is used to worship these 10 Gods. [2]

Other Gods, Goddesses, and faeriesEdit

  • Vahram: A god of war worshiped by Muozinel, it also appeared on their war flags.
  • Tyulare: A god of war worshiped by Sachstein, it's uncertain if Tyulare of Brune and Zhcted gods is same as Sachstein.

Muozinel Flag Representing Vahram (God of War)


  • Throughout the story, Titta is the only character that always prays in the temple everytime she has a chance to make her offering.
While reciting the names of nine of the ten Gods Brune believed in, Teita joined her hands in prayer in desparation. Only to the Goddess of Death, Tir na Fa, did she not call out to.

—Titta Praying After Tigre's Injuries from Roland - Reference: Volume 3, Chapter 4

  • Tir Na Fal is the wife of Perkunas, his older sister, his younger sister, and his arch-nemesis in the cycle of life. As the only deity hostile toward Perkunas, her inclusion amongst the pantheon of Ten Gods is (often) discussed between shamans and priests hundreds, thousands of times.[2]


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